Mind Elevation:”The Drive to Break Mental Ground”

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Uncategorized


Anybody that is highly intelligent, or at least perceived to be, has at some point been called a “know it all.” The idea of such a label only marginally transcends it’s absurdity based on it’s sardonic nature and intent. I would dare to say that such a label has been attached to a good number of Gods and Earths at some point in their love I father equals. At any rate, those of us with knowledge of self press forward tackling the seemingly endless complexities of the science of everything in life. The question is why? Why do we continually push the intellectual envelope? Why do we, unlike the 85% have an irrepresible desire to know? There are numerous answers to this question born u truth there is but one that supercedes all others. The answer is because of the true nature of the original self which is Allah. Knowledge and Allah are connected by mathematics, not coincidence. I would god cipher further to say that knowledge can be drawn up as a link to the Allah in us because the pursuit of knowledge, and the supreme mathematical cycle expanding from it, allows us to tap into the universal black mind of which ours is just a minute representation.

Speaking for self since the answer to my (why?) question is, or equal self, I don’t study because I think I know everything, born u truth rather because I realize that there’s so much that I don’t know that I can’t even quantify what I don’t know because said quantity approaches such an inconceiveable level of magnanimity. Also, I do so to become a more effective teacher, thereby doing my duty as a civilized person. 120 is indeed a knowledge wisdom cipher which I draw up to mean your standing within’ the cipher of knowledge will correspond to your output of wisdom or study. You can only know that which you study which is why you can’t understand something about which you are not wise. The idea is as simple as Allah Be so he can See/Knowledge Wisdom to Understand or (ABC/123). The wisdom wisdom degree borns mental freedom in the science of unalike attract and like repel because as knowers the unknown is attracted to us. We become bored with alot of things that we achieve mastery over and are conversely magnetized by new endeavors. Great minds teach to develop other minds and mind detect mind for the reciprocal stimulation potential. In other words you build with people less intelligent so that they can learn from you, and with people as smart or smarter than you so that you can learn from them. It’s called dealing in equality as everyone gets to ride the “elevator” :o).

As advanced as we may think we are, the reality is that we will parish having barely scratched the surface of our collective potential. Believe it or not that’s encouraging because that’s why we build. It’s not for the sake of the zag, born u truth for the sake of the wisdom zig (future). We keep adding on self cipher we can born descendants who will surpass us and keep the expansion going. If we stop building then we will be destroyed before the possibilities of born are realized. Just some thoughts from the ride home from the justice cipher born…..

SV Allah


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