Various Forms

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Uncategorized


Doctors, ministers, nurses, and creamators. The doctor examines and qualifies. He is deemed to be said person of that ability based strictly on his title and perceived level of expertise born u truth that stethoscope and master destroy behind his now allah master equal don’t make him all knowin’. The minister marries the unalike. He is deemed to be said person of that ability based upon the law of the land and the bible born u truth just because he’s authorized to officially preside over this ceremony and church services that doesn’t make him righteous. The nurse kills black babies with needles. The physical needles contain vaccines which supposedly are intended to make the baby healthy and strong although that lie is a mental needle designed to pierce the third of the mother. The nurse is perfect for this job because she is perceived to be a care-giver. The creamators burn black babies self cipher they are at the end of the assembly line. They simply dispose of the angel babies who have already fallen victim.

The moral of the build is that regardless of a person’s title or position, they are not to be taken on face value. Devil’s wear all of the above hats and will shield their dirty religion by hiding behind these titles. Don’t let them come in a fine mist and sting you.

SV Allah


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