Misunderstanding: Knowledge that Wisdom!

Posted: August 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

That Ike Turner math might get yo ass stabbed!!!!

That Ike Turner math might get yo ass stabbed!!!!


There’s an older brother that runs the laudromat about a block from my kingdom. We usually build and share a laugh or two when I go down there to wash, which is generally about once a week. Today, he asked me if my Queen and I had gotten married yet, and I told him now cipher, as the anticipated date is scheduled for next why equal allah rule. He joked by saying, “Well tomorrow is not promised” and I agreed by saying, “exactly.” After we laughed about it, he asked me if I knew this brother from around the way named Scooby, and I told him that I did. He then asked me if I knew that he returned to the essence, and I told him now cipher. Even though Scoob and I weren’t close personal friends at all, I knew who he was and he knew who I was. The older brother went on to make knowledge born that Scoob was returned back by his wisdom who stabbed him to death. He added that Scoob had a history of subjecting her to physical justice.

Upon hearing the story, I immediately drew up the knowledge wisdom degree in the supreme alphabet, love, hell, or right. Obviously, that wisdom had endured enough hell with Scoob and felt that the only way to make things right was to return him back. A man has to be extremely careful not to allow himself and his wisdom to get frozen at 32 degrees in the conflict of hell. It’s cipher king to bicker from time to time, b.u.t. those differences need to be resolved before the situation escalates to physical justice of that magnitude. I doubt that the god ever thought that the Queen would put the emblem of justice to him and deliver a fatal born love cipher wisdom. Unfortunately, he had to find that math out the hard wisdom allah why. The moral of the story is that you have to build with your wisdom and make sure that she knows you’re strivin’ to establish understanding between the two of you. You must do the knowledge to and respect her feelings self cipher she will view the kingdom more like Mecca, and less like Pelan. If not, you might get beat with many stripes….like Scoob did.

SV Allah


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