Bud Billeken Day in C-Medina

Posted: August 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Original people in the poor part gettin' they parade on!

Original people in the poor part gettin' they parade on!


Today was a festive divine allah why in C-Medina, specifically on the low end where I rest. It was the day of the largest black parade in the city, and perhaps even the country, the Bud Billeken Day Parade. Original people as far as the naked eye can see was the science today. Certainly, the wisdoms were not rockin’ 3/4 and most of the brothers were not 5%, even still it was a peace event. I especially enjoyed it this year because it was my Queen’s first. She’s originally from Texas self cipher the whole thing was completely new to her, and equally exciting. It’s funny because she’s not as “ghetto” as I am self cipher it’s funny to do the knowledge to her as she becomes more and more acclimated to various things that are native to the poor part of the planet. We enjoyed the typical parade day god degree: mexican style corn in a cee u power with mayo, cheese, and red pepper, she had a dill pickle, (lol) some nachos and cheese, and I had the ill chicken wing hook up that the sister laced me with for wisdom dollars. The event is really for the babies and the adults just come out to congregate and enjoy one another’s social equality. The thing that I dig most about the parade is the people watching. Black people are hilarious, especially when you get thousands of them together in one place. Some of the things that are typical to observe are over-weight wisdoms with tight ass shirts on and short skirts actin’ like that shit is cute, young dudes with their pants so far off their ass that you can see their underwear, and the absolute worst thing is the chicks pushin the baby stroller with an icee in their hand to keep they big ass cool and not havin’ the sense to pull the hood of the stroller over the shorty so he or she won’t bake in the sun. I won’t even mention the fucked up hair-dos :oD. Under a different current of allah I rule, these observations would be somewhat depressing to the god, however I’m the type that takes the best part. I’m strivin’ to elevate to the point where I can accept people as they are and love them in spite of their shortcomings. Today was certainly a good and enjoyable exercise in that quest.

SV Allah

  1. Serenity says:

    That’s peace. I don’t know if its KOS or age, but it straight kills me when I see folks who dress savagely. Slowly but surely,I’m developing the people skills to build with these people and not offend them with my commens and observations.

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