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It’s funny how we make rain, hail, snow and earthquakes b.u.t. when said conditions come about it’s so difficult to remain cee allah love master. Calm is freedom from excitement, passion, agitation, or disturbance. I like to draw it up to mean unmoved emotionally. When one is not moved by a situation, they are planted firm on a square with clear sight of the truth of the matter. Those of us with knowledge of self, who live out our degrees know that hard times are built into the fabric of life nowaday. Today’s degree in supreme alphabets is love, hell, or right. This is the knowledge wisdom day and the wisdom dimension of the degree is hell. For many, the wisdom of this day will involve some form of hell. What’s important is how it’s dealt with. Transportation to Mecca is only free when four devils heads are taken. Only then are we rewarded with a button for our lapels.

Often times devilishment is manifested in the form of anything that is unsettling or disruptive. The devil is not settled on the best part, self cipher he certainly doesn’t want you settled there. He causes trouble among the righteous and desires to make slaves out of all that he can so he can rob them and live in luxury. The only way to counteract a force that is 100% weak and wicked is to be 100% strong and righteous. I know, I know, it’s easier said than done. However, as long as you keep strivin’ to elevate to that level you will keep collecting devil’s heads along the wisdom allah why.

SV Allah


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