There’s a Chance:Michael Vick’s recovery from Mental Death

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Peace God! Glad to have you back!

Peace God! Glad to have you back!


What’s the science you ask? Redemption is the science! The God Michael Vick just signed a wisdom year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles and will now have a quality opportunity to recover from the mental death he experienced when he funded a dog-fighting operation, got caught, and had to serve knowledge build months in the injustice. They robbed the God of all his gold, crucified him in the court of public opinion over his filthy affair, and tagged him with the label of the quintessential animal killer. Never mind the fact that the devil only made such a fuss over the situation because of his savage tendency to personify the animal of his choice (dog=man's best friend), while he eats a porterhouse steak and plans his next hunting trip. What hypocrites Yacub's grafted devils are! By the way, peace to the God Chris Rock for callin' them weak wicked bitches on that math on ESPN radio yesterday morning. As he stated, they don't give a fuck about animals in general, they just piss and moan about that shit because they love dogs as if they are people and relish any chance they get to try and master the original man.

This situation shows and proves that the original man is the supreme being, as there were a couple who played critical roles in this deal and played the I-John role for Mike during this intense tribulation. I want to say peace to Tony Dungy for doin' his duty as a civilized person, not only by acting as a mentor for Vick, b.u.t. also for the commendable work that he has done in the area of prison outreach in general. He is indeed 5%. Also, I want to say peace to Donovan McNabb for realizing that there's always a chance from mental death, and for wanting that for his fellow quarterback and original man. It was very big of him to welcome the God to his team, and to stick his neck on the line on his behalf. That's what we as a people need more of: knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. These men all know that what the God did was against the love allah wisdom, yet they also understand the cultural and racial aspects that dilute, mix, and tamper with the way that the situational picture can be painted. He did his true I master equal. Based on said knowledge, the Gods took it to wisdom and did what they each had to do to move us beyond the negative, taking a bold step toward the positive that the forth-coming zig will bring, barring anything of a catastrophic nature unforseen. I will that the G.O.D. will show and prove, just as he did before his miscalculation, that the blackman is God. His number was 7 for a reason……

SV Allah

  1. BSMALLAH says:

    Peace SV! Peace to The God!

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