Social Equality in the NGE:”Why some people become part of this Nation…”

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Uncategorized


“Social means to advocate a society or group of men for one common cause. Equality means to be equal in everything.” (8:1-14) It’s not at all a coincidence that this portion of knowledge wisdom cipher comes from a build or destroy degree. Build or destroy is the infinite cipher of change and in no area is that more evident than social interaction. Human beings are very fickled and as their mists of water increase with others in different swift and changeable currents friction is bound to materialize. The reason this happens is because we all come into this nation with nurses needles embedded in our brains, some with more than others. Some may have huge egos that went unchecked during their 85% life, while others may have a lack of social skills based on having been a loner prior to getting knowledge. Regardless of what the issue is, it can impact the equality between Gods and Earths. Just because unalike attracts and like repels that doesn’t mean that they master I unknown. In many cases they don’t. The aforementioned issues, along with countless others that many enter the nation with, whether they know it or not, are why they joined. Everyone will give you that canned response that “I became a part of this to get knowledge of self” and although that may be true that’s not the only reason.

Some people did it because they didn’t have many friends and wanted some. Others did because they wanted the pride and perceived glory that comes along with the title of God or Earth. When you have people with such varied agendas moving within one collective body of people “the common cause” will get lost with some. We are supposed to teach civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self and the science of everything in life. We are also supposed to deal in equality. The fact is everyone doesn’t. Some Gods think they are better than others because of who taught them, where they were taught, and or how long ago they were taught….emphatically now cipher, that shit means nothing. Get over yourself. Others think that because they used to be a tough guy in the destroy culture that shit will translate into this divine culture and allow them to use others for a tool and also a slave. Wrong again so stop bein’ a savage and let that beast way of life go. Then you have the worst type, the one who likes to cause trouble amongst the righteous by tellin’ lies and accusing others. These are people who wake up making enemies. If you have more enemies or people who dislike you than you can count then you’re probably a fucked up individual, bottom line. I don’t have any enemies that i’m aware of and if anybody in this nation wants to build with me about something they heard about me my email address is posted here for a reason. Get at me and do the knowledge self cipher you can draw your own conclusion about whatever the issue may be. I also want to make it clear that although i’m not fuckin’ with no nation events in C-Medina that doesn’t mean that I don’t see the potential value in them. The key is that you have to have some brothers and sisters that are truly advocating one common cause in order for them to work. If everyone is not strivin to see Allah World Manifest then that shit will be a waste of time and energy. Peace to all the ciphers that do deal in equality and manifest civilization. That’s the way it was intended to be. Never forget what you are in this for, to build and add on.

SV Allah


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