Changing Seasons…

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Uncategorized


The transition from summer to fall is underway in C-Medina. The temperature has dropped by about knowledge cipher degrees on average, and one can now comfortably rock a warm up jacket or fleece without being overdressed. With the increased frequency of cold currents weather-wise, it is no wonder that I was approached with one by my ole Earth, of all people, this weekend. I won’t get into specifics b.u.t. let’s just say she was strivin’ to bloodsuck me on a money situation and stick a nurse’s needle of guilt into my third. That shit pissed me off and I haven’t built with her since. I drew the math up from every angle on the square and found self to be just and true while she’s completely wrong. Sometimes I get the feeling that she thinks I’m stupid. The term adult applies to us both equally regardless of the fact that I’m understandin’ understood and she’s power god. I realize this, yet she doesn’t always seem to. I love her b.u.t. even she will not be allowed to inject devilishment into my circumference. I will not have it. Older people have a hard time dealin’ in equality nowaday. My degrees say equality means to be equal in everything. Today’s mathematics being understanding knowledge drawn up to culture or freedom, she needs to understand that I know the different variables that figure into how she approached me, I see em’ all. I also remember every thing that I said I would do self cipher I have remained bound to my word. That being the case, I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m manifestin’ divine culture and I’m free not to fall victim to her bullshit. She’s the one who reversed polarity on the current and tried to rope and bind master equal to a promise I never made. Whatever, it is what it is.

SV Allah

  1. Serenity says:

    Stay strong Sun. A mother’s lure is strong and the guilt they sling runs deep.

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