Audio Math/1,120 ft/sec.

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Uncategorized



Do the knowledge to my new audio posts at  Just go to the site and type in SupremeVictoryAllah or today’s mathematics and you will be able to play the builds.  I’m still playing with the site to get the best sound quality, b.u.t. what’s peace about it is that I can manage it through my cell phone self cipher the user interface is very easy to use.   Those of you with either the G1 or the Iphone, you can use this program and access the content directly from those phones.

Sound travels at 1,120 ft/sec.

Sound travels at 1,120 ft/sec.

 I’m strivin’ to put a couple of builds out per week because although the born love cipher god math is the shit, some people prefer to hear the math move versus reading it and since we deal with the science of everything in life, I can offer light visually and audibly.  Feel free to shoot me any feedback or subjects that you would like for me to offer my cee on.  All constructive feedback is welcome.



SV Allah


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