Elevation: “The Struggle to Master self”

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
Bill Russell epitomized consistent excellence on his way to more NBA championship rings than anyone in history.

Bill Russell epitomized consistent excellence on his way to more NBA championship rings than anyone in history.



This weekend has been a relaxing one for the God.  I’ve actually had alot of time to deal with self, which was very much needed.  When you spend quality time with self, introspection takes place and it’s important to examine oneself internally in order to unearth anything buried within that needs to be done away with.  We are all works in progress and life is cyclical so we are prone to visit the same mental spaces on multiple occaisions.  What’s key is how we operate within a given space from instance to instance.  There should always be noteworthy improvement relative to how you handle things when you find yourself in a familiar situation.  If there is then you show and prove to self that you are taking the best part of each experience and leaving the poor part.  If not, then refinement is needed to improve performance and get back to basics which is supreme mathematics.  You get the math first, because it’s the basis of everything else.  Supreme mathematics is the basic cycle through which all things must go.  There are no exceptions.  Your wisdom born degree states that Yacub’s penalty was death and it was enforced on every victim which means he didn’t make exceptions.  That’s why he was so successful in all of his undertakings.  He was consistent.  The struggle to master self is difficult not so much because we don’t know what to do, we just make exceptions relative to when we need to be right and exact.  Consistency is the element needed to nullify this tendency.  When we stick to what works then our power love allah now will make our wisdom effective in yielding our determined desired result. 


I have many internal devils whose heads need to be taken.  There’s plenty in that regard to keep me busy.  What I have to keep in mind is that people are watching me to see what I will do.  The wisdom cipher degree says that the civilized person is held responsible for the uncivilized meaning you are charged with the task of being an example.  If you ask yourself, “what is his ownself?” and the answer is God or Earth then that means you have to live that out each and everyday and each and every way.  Mastering self involves constantly searching for areas in which one can  improve.  As your understanding of what you know about self evolves self cipher will your ability to give others knowledge of themselves because you have more to offer.  My determined idea is to push myself harder to perform at the level that I know I’m capable of performing at on all levels.  Lethargy and procrastination are nurses needles that I must remove from my third and guard against with each of my understanding eyes.  I’m on it…



SV Allah


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