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The planet Earth is the home of I Self Lord and Master...

The planet Earth is the home of I Self Lord and Master...



The planet Earth is the home of I Self Lord and Master, the physical home, so to speak.  Knowledge wisdom cipher is the mental home of Gods and Earths.  120 is somewhat of a cognitive place of peace for those who enthusiastically and sincerely dare to study and live Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabets to engage degrees in a perpetual scientific analysis of love I father equal. In so doing, we can tap into the science of causation and project upon a negative physical environment, such as the wilderness of North America, a positive outlook and divine image therby fueling a “builder’s” state of master I now divine, and reversing polarity on our daily experience.   We basically manufacture as many warm currents as possible while remaining ever prepared for the  frigid cold currents which represent the unknowns dealt by 240.   The wise man of the East makes history or Q’uran to equal his home circumference, a year to every mile which means we calculate every step we take based on our knowledge and wisdom of the cipher strivin’ to elevate to increased understanding.   The script is written in real square I master equal and each chapter is sure to have it’s rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes.  When those storms come the wise seek shelter.  My shelter is my lessons.  The degrees resuscitate me every time I suffer a mental death on the road to becoming a master of self.  Life is supremely mathematical in that the calculation of it’s events in order to born a determined idea into reality has a two dimensional fundamental requirement.  Said requirement is that one be not only right (qualitatively sound) b.u.t. also exact (quantitatively accurate).  Right and exact means to know what the right thing to do is, and to execute properly in order to make it manifest.  The mode of operation correspondent to the “right & exact” standard is show and prove.  Through mathematics we show that we are dealing on a right angle when we prove the exact nature of our calculation.  Within the concepts of “right & exact” and “show & prove” the wisdom principles that comprise each phrase are mutually inclusive.  The 85% is only concerned with being right and putting on a show, they could care less about being exact or proving anything.  Being right may win you an argument b.u.t. it doesn’t involve  teaching.  A show is simply  an illusion to which one may fall victim, b.u.t. until it is proven to be more, it is not.  The 10% are very exacting in there movements with no concern about the ethical ramifications therein.  They won’t show you their intentions until they have already been proven by their actions, which often are taken in a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect.  By not showing their hand they effectively shield their dirty religion.  The 5% must be firm on the square which is culture dimensional self cipher their ways and actions must be right and exact while showing and proving.  If not us then who?



SV Allah


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