Wake up Everybody…

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Uncategorized


My ole’ Earth says that anything seeming too good to be true probably is. I bear witness to the truth of that math in most cases, especially when doing trading with the devil. The equality degree says he gives us nothing self cipher when he acts other than his ownself and offers something for free I do the knowledge that much harder to uncover the tricknowledge. On my way to the justice there will often be people outside the train station giving away samples of different products. Today’s offerings were NoDoz and Caribou Coffee self cipher there was obviously a determined idea. I deal with caffeine daily via sugar free energy drinks, as needed, so it’s not that I have a problem with it. However, I couldn’t help but draw up the science behind these freebies.

The weather in C-Medina is starting to fall victim to daily cold currents as we move deeper into fall. The wind bites notoriously hard and the tendency is to hug the bed longer and be more lazy. If you couple that with people’s frustration over the recession we are more likely to lash out at the boss by slacking off at work. It’s a proven fact that when people don’t feel engaged at the justice they slack off to spite management. So by offering us these “pick me ups” it would seem that the message is to wake up and be alert so you can “do your best” at work. While you’re doing your best, they continue daily to figure out how to get more from you while giving you nothing in return.

Last week was customer service week at my justice cipher born. The company had a bunch of corny ass activities and shit to show us how much they supposedly appreciate us. One day they gave out ice cream floats (God don’t fuck wit’ ice cream like that so I wasn’t goin’). Another day they gave out free lunch in the form of hot dogs & chips (the God don’t eat swine or cow & they wasn’t offerin’ turkey so that hot dog shit was also a no-go). The sad part was how effective these little insignificant gestures were at exciting the destroy powers that I work with. They were lining up for that shit and happy to get it. Pardon self but I ain’t getting excited about no fuckin’ Scooby Snacks. Fuck that, give me a raise, a better computer, and more input correspondent to how we do things and maybe you’ll get more of a rise out of me. And as far as caffeine goes, I prefer to pick my own poison so I’ll pass on the concentrated pill that’ll have my heart jumpin’ out of my chest.

SV Allah


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