Now, Zag=Righteous

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Uncategorized


Today’s degree in the 1-36 states that the self is righteous. Today’s degree in the supreme alphabet is now, nation, or end. The now & the zag on which we live are synonymous. That’s why the past and future can’t be allowed to shift our focus from the present, which is all that exists. Our default inclination should be righteousness when in doubt. This default approach to life counters the unpredictable nature of 240 in that we face it’s unknowns with some sort of ammunition. When we act righteously we keep the needle of our moral compass pointing in the right direction vs the wrong direction. We often just need to buy some time to calculate answers to the complex equations we are tested by each day.

My personal “now” is stormy at this point. I can feel the master allah truth he squeezing me like a freshly oiled pair of vice grips. Regardless, I don’t feel like i’m drowning. I’ve swam 9,000 miles before self cipher I understand that wisdom. We aren’t made by pleasant times b.u.t. how we react to challenges. I react mathematically…

SV Allah

  1. olu says:

    “We aren’t made by pleasant times b.u.t. how we react to challenges.” there is a lot of wisdom in that


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