The Sun Can’t Chill

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Uncategorized


I understand why the 85% find bliss in ignorance. Would I want to switch places with them? Now cipher, b.u.t. I will say that when you have knowledge of self you feel the impact of unknowns much deeper than an 85er. The reason being that your third automatically starts to calculate the various equations that cummulatively lead to the situation. When there are multiple people revolving around you and they each have tribulations that effect you, that math can beat you with many stripes at a terrific speed. If I listed all the savior he I square goin’ on in my circumference right now, it would probably cool the reader’s current of air and fuck up their divine allah why self cipher I won’t. However, I will say that the sun can never chill. If it did we would all freeze and the critical causitive function that it serves in stimulating life would come to a screeching halt. That responsibility manifested through the blackman, who is God, is strenuous to bear. This is especially a unique experience in that the people revolving around you don’t even realize it so they don’t understand how much they drain you. Sometimes I feel like a power strip and regardless of what they plug in I gotta keep the shit runnin.’ I’m not bitchin’ so much as venting to release some of the pressure. When I draw up some of the hills and mountains that I’ve climbed and the snake stings that I’ve survived I’m almost shocked to still be standing. 240 won’t provide time to bask in any triumph before it deals the next trial. I just continue daily to build because like I said, the sun can’t chill.

SV Allah

  1. Allah Universal says:

    Peace…Trials & tribs are a given for all, most of the 85% are accepting of that fact, but can’t see past it & let themselves get broken b/c of ’em…It’s all in how you handle them, perceiving them as opportunities to sharpen Self is taking the best part…Victory is just 3 steps from that…Peace…Au

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