Poor Righteous Teaching, and the True Substance of Life…

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
The true substance of love I father equal is consciousness...

The true substance of love I father equal is consciousness...



The 5% are the poor righteous teachers, who don’t believe.  This statement doesn’t speak on belief in totality, because under some circumstances, we have no choice but to believe.  Often times, belief is the predecessor of knowledge.  It’s a perceptual purgatory in which we sit while we do the knowledge, transition to wisdom, and ultimately arrive at understanding.  The understanding represents drawn up knowledge that has been formulated for life application.  When we build on belief, we are dealing with the degree to which we deem something credible.  It’s about acceptance.  Someone presents an idea, concept, or proposition to you and you either accept it or reject it.  The 10% is in the business of programming us to accept all that they offer.  This is shown and proven in the knowledge wisdom degree “because he desires to make slaves out of all that he can, so he can rob them and live in luxury.” Nurses needles are synonymous with probes, and the 10% is continually probing the minds of the 85% to determine the “next best thing” with which to lull them to sleep.  The most widely accepted falsehood in the wilderness of North America is that material is the substance of life.  To that I retort emphatically now cipher.  The true substance of love I father equal is consciousness. 


The god degree borns that the devil wants us to think that we are all different, we referring to original people.  Although we are not in fact all different, we are definitely different from them.  That’s the deeper element of the trick-knowledge.  When convenient, the colored man will strive to make us think that we are like him.  In so doing he can receive more gold by teaching us to invest in all of the same savage pursuits and things that he does.  Once our value system has been diluted, mixed, and tampered with to the point that we prefer material over consciousness the god allah master equal is lost and we have officially fallen victim to the devil’s civilization.  It’s important for him to keep us other than our ownselves because consciousness is the ultimate differentiator between the orignal man and the made man.  The devil’s consciousness is limited in that he is not directly connected to the origin of all things.  The understanding wisdom degree shows and proves this in that his mental and physical powers are less than one third that of the original man.  If you draw up what original people all over the world have endured and realize that they are still the majority, it becomes obvious.  The colored man has survived almost exclusively by savagely taking advantage of original people and they still are the global minority.  By operating from a negative angle of the square, he shows and proves on a macroscopic level, what is driven by a quantum negative reality.  All human beings are comprised of atoms and their corresponding building blocks which include charges that are positive, negative, and neutral.  The neutrality is symbolic to equality.  All things were originally manifested via mathematical expansion and this forward movement, or progression is synonymous with building, which is positive.  The original man, being the first human manifestation of this process, must therefore be derived from, and driven by, the positive charge.  Conversely, the entire history of the colored man is negative and the understanding cipher degree exposes the destructive nature of their manufacture which was carried out by destroying the black germ.  From that point to the zag the negative charge continues to drive their savage pursuit of hapiness.  We must all bear witness to the value of consciousness, which I draw up to be awareness of our connection to all other things and most importantly their source, which is Allah.  Observation of the 85% will show what the result is when we don’t.



SV Allah

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog by just searching Google ” substance of love” amazing blog Akhi Masha’Allah mind compelling and utmost truth

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