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Posted: October 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
Well prepared god degree is most peace!

Well prepared god degree is most peace!


I have been fortunate in that the two wisdoms that I was in serious relationships with, prior to my current queen, both knew how to cook their asses off.  The last one was so swift she could very easily start a catering business.  The Queen that I’m with now didn’t enter our relationship with such proficiency in cooking.  This was no mystery, as I was well aware of this before I decided that I wanted her to be my wife.  My ole’ Earth taught me how to get down and save self from starvation, so it wasn’t really a big deal to me.  The ill thing about it is that based upon her creative spirit and determined idea to refine herself in said cipher, I had no doubt that she could elevate rapidly if she gave all she had and all within her power to see this “food network” divine allah why :o).  Low and behold the Queen has started to show and prove.  In just a few short months her culinary prowess has advanced at a terrific speed.  Today I had the pleasure of not only a righteous breakfast of smothered potatoes and cheese eggs, b.u.t. also an even more righteous dinner of chicken with gravy, broccoli, and mashed potatoes.  Pardon self, I forgot to mention the perfect bisquick biscuits.  I would dare to say that any master allah now will tell you that a wisdom who can hook up some god degree will rarely be alone.  Even though it’s something that I came into our relationship accustomed too, I never took it for granted because every wisdom didn’t have that training unit built into their upbringing self cipher it wasn’t something I ever intended to hold against the queen.  That being the cee allah self equal I’m that much more proud of her progress.


Cooking is not only scientific, it is also a form of expression.  When a wisdom prepares god degree for you, she does so with the determined idea to convey a sentiment.  When she figuratively puts her foot in those pots and pans that represents a manifestation of her love for you and ability to take care of you.  Whether or not you know it, they take that math seriously.  My ole’ Earth wouldn’t allow my last wiz to bring shit to Thanksgiving dinner even though she could cook her ass off.  She’d never admit it, b.u.t. I think the reason why is because in her mind it was a pride thing.  On that one day of the year she wants the only food that the guests rave over to be prepared by her hands.  She also didn’t want to feel like she was being upstaged even though it wasn’t about that.  I have been thoroughly impressed by my Queen’s elevation in this cipher and I look forward to many more well prepared meals.  Peace to Food Network and all the chefs that have inspired her, y’all keep the God lickin’ his fingers :o).



SV Allah

  1. Serenity says:

    Indeed! One of the things that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction is to see the God or anyone I consider family appreciating food that I lovingly prepared for them.

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