The Things That Shape Us…

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Uncategorized
open book

My Q'uran is an open born cipher cipher king!


Even before I got knowledge of self, my love I father equal was always, for the most part, an open book.  Certainly there are aspects of it that I preserve for self, b.u.t. generally I tend to be more forthcoming than most relative to things that have transpired in my Q’uran, and that make me who I am.  I was raised that way.  My ole’ Earth and my brother are both loud and very expressive verbally, as is my cousin, who lived with us, and so am I.  We are also very down to earth people and we keep shit real.  I admit things that others would be to ashamed to own up to because I see no reason to be embarassed about life’s quirky and unflattering moments.  If I were to outline my Q’uran it would go something like this.

I was born in C-Medina in the wisdom month of god equality.  At the time both of my parents were wisdom culture in age.  My brother was manifested in god build and by build knowledge my parents were divorced and we officially were fitted for the mold of a typical single parent black household.  I’ve always lived in the poor part of the planet b.u.t. we had enough.  I never went hungry and I received a better education than most.  I went to an all catholic grammar school in the hood.  I then went to a jesuit-catholic high school called Loyola Academy which was predominantly colored and in the suburbs.  It was a wisdom hour commute via public transportation and it was all boys self cipher there was plenty for me to hate about the situation.  I was always cerebral although my grades didn’t reflect it.  I was a straight cee and divine student.  I got knowledge god on the ACT the first time I took it.  My ole’ Earth cursed me out, told me to stop actin’ stupid, and take it again.  I did, and the second time I got a wisdom understanding.  I only applied to one college, which I didn’t get into until that second test score came through.  It was Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  My first two years all I did was kick it, get drunk, and smoke equality.  Consequently, I wound up on academic probation and financial aid probation.  I called my ole’ Earth distillin’ like a bitch because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to stay in school if that $592 didn’t get paid, which would give me a chance to earn my financial aid back.  She basically told me that all of the above is caused by the son of man & she didn’t have it self cipher I needed to call my ole’ Dad.  I did and he paid the dough.  I had to get a 2.5 gpa in order to stay on financial aid probation.  I got a 2.7 and the following semester I got a 3.7 and made the dean’s list.  At it’s lowest point my god power allah was 1.25 showin’ and provin’ the filthy nature of my freshman and sophomore affairs.  After I got that 3.7 I made the dean’s list every semester after that and was able to graduate with a 3.o.  The question is, did I receive more gold in the job world?…emphatically now cipher lol!

Since I graduated in born born, I’ve worked a bunch of different justice cipher borns, none of which have had anything to do with my degree, which is in Sociology with an emphasis in Employment Relations and a minor in English.  While workin’ one of these bullshit jobs, and feelin’ like I was goin’ crazy because I hated it so much, I applied to grad school at my alma mater and got accepted into the kinesiology program.  I was going to just pack up, go back downstate, and get my masters in exercise physiology.  That plan changed when my current justice came through which was in cipher equality.  When I first started it was mad peace and easily the best job that I’ve ever had.  In cipher god I met my enlightener and started getting knowledge of self.  I knowledged 120 on Master Allah Why wisdom power of cipher build and showed and proved it at C-Medina family day that same year.  I’m still workin’ that same job and I hate it even though the money is decent and the benefits are good.  I rest with my Queen/fiance’ and we’ll be getting married in the next year or so.  Oddly enough, in the early days of this born love cipher god I authored a post about how I was against marriage…good thing there’s a chance to recover from mental death :o).  I have a dog named Exact and he’s a handful to say the least, even though he’s only culture months old.  Even though my physical degree is understanding understood I still call my ole’ Earth about wisdom times a year and distill about something that may be causing trouble within in this righteous man.

You’re probably asking yourself why the fuck is the God buildin’ on all of these intimate details of his love I father equal.  The answer is simple.  It’s because God is the original man so I have no problem buildin’ on my personal circumference.  I do so to come in equality and show and prove that there is no mystery God and that I’m not much different than any other brother or sister strivin’ to make it in this wilderness.  I feel comfortable enough with who I am to be who I am and I want you all to feel the same comfort.  That’s what knowledge of self is about.  It’s about being the you that you want to be instead of the you that others think you should be or want you to be.  I want y’all to know that I’m not the type of  God that hides behind this keyboard and puts himself on a pedestal.  I’m just like you….


SV Allah

  1. olu says:

    Thank you for sharing your life on this blog, much respect to you and your kingdom


  2. Kai Wallace says:

    Peace SV Allah. I’ve read and recorded via cassette tape several of your builds while home on this SNOW DAY that I have off from the justice. I am a female and my name is pronounced Kah-ee…I am a 45 yr. young college student majoring in Social Science and have interest in helping at-risk youth and ex-offenders. I have been a student of learning since my childhood which increased in rate since I got knowledge of self at 15. I respect and appreciate you sharing the outline of your Quran as it gave me more insight into YOU as a person…which makes you more “personable” in terms of me reading and studying your various builds. Why? To improve the quality of my life and thus, others. Stay on your square and continue to Build. Peace!

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