The Psychology of Self: “Preserving Peace of Mind”

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

The God Allah Master Equal in this wilderness is swift and changeable!


I’ve been doing the knowledge on various psychological concepts and the things that influence how we think and act.  It seems that our minds are perpetually vulnerable to countless nurse’s needles which threaten the mental Mecca that we strive to reside in.  Today’s mathematics being build or destroy, we can see the positive and negative possibilities correspondent to a given energy to which we may be exposed.  Build breeds construction and destroy breeds destruction.  These two ideas taken on face value seem rather self-evident.  However, upon investigating the systematic methods whereby either pole of energy is projected upon a person, the analysis can become quite complex.  Terrorism is a perfect example with which to start.  It is the quintessential government scare tactic.  Basically, the government bombards us with propoganda surrounding the idea that we are always in danger of attack by some muslim extremist group.  In so doing, they can use the fear that Americans feel to justify wars that are actually about money and have nothing to do with terrorism at all.

Birth control is another tool that the colored man uses to keep original people from reproducing.  He offers free condoms, religion preaching abstinence, and pills to prevent wisdoms from getting pregnant.  By preaching “safe sex” and hurling STD statistics at you he can effectively make you deathly afraid of having a family.  At no point are you truly encouraged to strategically plan your life out so that you can have children when the time is right.  He would rather you just not have any, so that he can increase the chance of his survival in a world where he is the global minority.  The wilderness of North America is a place where you are encouraged to take things on face value.  Even when you attempt to do the knowledge on a given subject, you can fall victim to the devil’s civilization if the information that you uncover is produced by him and not subjected to the rigorous proof needed to deem it right and exact.  In the “google” age, people  think that doing the knowledge means conducting a quick google search and accepting the first blurb of information that comes back.  Emphatically now cipher! You have to put that information to the test, cross-reference it, draw it up, and qualify or disqualify it accordingly.  Knowing that the devil was made to study 35-50 years trying to be like the original man, we should treat his information accordingly and take it with a grain of salt.  Who made him the authority on everything under the sun?

I trust myself more than the government, the devil, or another person that I don’t know.  I hear people say things in the street and on the true victory b.u.t. until I take it from knowledge to born for self, it doesn’t really exist in my mind.  I can’t account for the process by which they arrive at a given conclusion, and it’s not always obvious what interest they truly serve.  They could be employing some sort of Nash equilibrium for which they think they can anticipate my response and in turn, receive more gold at my expense.  They should think again.  I have my own ever evolving Game Theory in which I incorporate civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self and the science of everything in life, love, peace, and happiness.  This is one third eye that is not easily hacked into.


SV Allah


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