Love: Mental Life & Mental Death

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Uncategorized


Knowledge wisdom is love, hell, or right. Hell is always portrayed as a scary, fiery place self cipher love & hell definitely go together. Love scares the shit out of men and women alike. There are many who avoid it because of fear that was planted in them in past relationships. They mask the power allah I now of their historical mental deaths relative to love lost, with filthy affair after filthy affair as the years, months, and days go by. From a “physical” standpoint, & I use that term loosely, people prefer life over death because life is all they know. It shapes the full circumference of their perceptual cipher. They may have observed death to some degree, but they can’t say they’ve experienced it first hand. Life may be a born I truth cee her, but at least she’s familiar. Death is wisdom culture because it’s the ultimate unknown. There’s no way to show & prove what it’s like because the dead can’t return from the essence to tell us. Parallel to our fascination with “physical” life is a corresponding fasciantion with “mental” life. Everyone loves to be in an upbeat positive frame of mind yet they loathe mental anguish, and understandably so. Pain in the brain is a ruthless, raw sensation. The thing about it that makes it different from physical death is that it can be overcome showin’ and provin’ mind over matter.

I’ve recently drawn the conclusion, that love is a perpetual struggle between mental life and death, build or destroy, yin and yang. It is the most intense of interactive social undertakings and success at it is predicated upon giving all that you have and all within your power to preserve it amidst the rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes of it’s high explosive nature. If you listen to old love songs you can tell that those brothers and sisters were acquainted with “real” love. They sing of the everlasting impact that another person had on them. That impact is called being touched. When a person is touched in the heart by someone they love there is nothing like it. The feelings illicited are electric and can fuel some unique motivations. It’s something one must open themselves up to. Relationships come with the possibility of being hurt, but it’s a risk worth taking for someone special.

I speak from experience. I’ve had my share of joy and pain with love and i’m now dealing with a dose of the latter. My queen deals with a mental devil that can sometimes cause her to act other than her ownself. The backlash of such instances is deep born u truth it’s not her fault. My determined idea to walk every step of the way with her up the Mt. Everest that is recovery will not waver. My knowledge of my self has transcended individual existence and into awareness of my universal self, of which she is the wisdom component. I don’t regret having entered said cipher one bit because she’s worth it. I will make it…she will make it…and we will make it…

SV Allah


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