Jewel of the Understanding Degree in the 1-14

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Uncategorized


I’ve been dealin’ with some very stressful mental math the past power days or so. After I went through the typical process of allowing it to sink in, facing it head on, and partially drinkin’ it away (a process that has yet to end lol) I did what any respectable God with knowledge wisdom cipher on cee allah power would do. I took it through the degrees. I found some serious gold in the understanding degree in the 1-14 that I never would normally draw up. The answer to the question states, “because the original man is the God, and owner of the Earth, and knows every square inch of it, and has chosen for himself the best part….he did not care about the poor part.” The jewel is that he knows every square inch, self cipher he did the full 360 degrees of knowledge before he chose the best part and discarded the poor part. The actual fact is, doing away with the poor part is not always something that happens quickly. Ideally, we’d prefer that it happen at the most terrific possible speed but, the most important thing is that it eventually does. We have to take everything from knowledge to born and within that cycle there’s destroy. Between love and right there’s hell so you can’t always circumvent the bullshit. How would you be able to differentiate between the best part and the poor part without having equally dealt with both? These degrees just won’t stop bein’ right & exact. I’m glad because I need em’ to be just that self cipher I can follow suit.

Sometimes I think about the long stretch of my life that I spent bein’ an 85er and trip on how different I am now. Again, I had to do the knowledge to that cipher so I could fully appreciate life as part of the 5%. Build or destroy is at it again. Born follows because sometimes a part of you must be destroyed in order to born a more sturdy and refined you. That’s that poor part detaching itself from your being. That mental recovery can’t come fast enough.

SV Allah


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