Then What Happened…

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Feelings can't supercede being right and exact...


Build or destroy being the infinite cipher of change, which is inevitable, shows and proves that we must be swift and changeable in order to adapt to the currents of life. The transition process from one end of the spectrum to the other, within a given cipher can be trying to say the least. That understanding knowledge degree in the 1-36 can breed many things. Among them are apprehension, curiosity, and introspection. The latter, is manifested when we look inward and draw up what we see inside in order to call upon what we need for the journey ahead. Our alphabets say self or savior, yet our degrees say that we are responsible for others. To one without understanding, this may seem to be a contradiction b.u.t. it’s actually right and exact. The saving of self is a safety net in knowledge wisdom cipher to keep you from losing self in the quest to save another.

Love is hard because it involves feelings which can dilute, mix, and tamper with the math if one is not the all eye seeing, and is incapable of steering clear of said danger. The mathematical bottom line is that feelings may have to get hurt in the now allah master equal of being right and exact. Regardless to whom or what, this must be. If feelings and emotions dominated this world it would be even more fucked up than it already is. Emotion intoxicates the mind and can impair it’s ability to process clear thought if left unchecked. I’m not saying that emotion is all born allah divine, simply that it can lead one in the wrong direction. When you love someone, and you love yourself you have to deal in equality. By that I mean you have to do what’s best for the collective good of both parties as opposed to allowing the well being and hapiness of one, to supercede the other. Although this can be painful, pain in and of itself is a sensation that comes and goes. God can survive it’s reign.

SV Allah


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