Pardon Self…

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized


To those who have been waiting for new entries on the Avatar Math born love cipher god please forgive me. I assure you that the project is just as dear to my heart as it was when my third sparked the determined idea that preceded it’s genesis. I don’t intend to make excuses although I must make knowledge born from this angle. That math represents pure joy & recreational writing for me. It allows me to let my mind fly free while indulging in the epic story that i’m analyzing. This mind-to-grind blog is more serious and communicative in nature. It’s non-fiction self cipher it represents the fingers of the readers touching the wrist of my persona to take it’s pulse. I express real shit through this that’s charged with emotion bred of my life’s swirling currents of allah I rule. Anyone who reads this regularly knows that I’ve been goin’ through some storms lately which have kept me out the mode I like to be in for that creative writing cipher. Even still I have neglected that Avatar joint although that will soon change. I have big plans for it as we glide more deeply through the plot and there are plenty of atoms to split as I continue to draw it up. I implore you to keep ridin’ with me. The next post will probably go up tonight……do the knowledge.

SV Allah


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