Back to the Essence

Posted: December 18, 2009 in Uncategorized


Although I often like to build about things I’m turnin’ over in my third, current events, or things that are goin’ on within my circumference, I also sometimes get the urge to get back to the foundation of our daily reality by drawin’ up the day’s mathematics self cipher let’s build. Today’s mathematics is knowledge build or destroy abbt born. The jewel that I see in that equation is that it’s not the knowledge itself that builds or destroys, it’s the individual who posesses it. Once a person obtains knowledge they will either do good or evil with it. Today’s degree, which speaks on the duty of a civilized person, yields a prescribed wisdom allah why for the 5% to lead others in the right direction by building with, or teaching the uncivilized. In so doing, one is owning said duty and giving all they have and all within their power to deal in equality with others from the positive angle of the square. Conversely, the 10% operates from the destroy angle. 120 tells us that they teach the poor lies and manifest devilishment by concealing who the true and living God is. The question is why? It is so that they can make slaves out of all they can, rob them, and live in luxury. This is what capitalism is all about…destruction of others for personal gain. Such an approach to life is the complete opposite of civilization and constitutes savagery. It’s not necessary to shit on others in order to born a peace reality for you and yours, although the devil would have you believe otherwise in this wilderness of North America. Within his society, savagery is justified because in order to “get ahead” one must be willing to step on, and over others during their climb to the proverbial top. In the life of the civilized person there is no true cipher power because elevation knows no glass ceiling. Supreme mathematics is infinite self cipher as long as it is continually applied and manifested then there is no beginning nor end to the perpetual builds that can born Allah World Manifest…..

SV Allah

  1. InfiniteGod1 says:

    Peace God,
    Just to add on, that’s a valid point about what a person does with that knowledge is key. Once the knowledge is aquired it’s a decision that has to be made. Everybody isn’t cut out to be God or Earth. So people will just be civilized. While others will live out there days as 85% and 10%. This knowledge is a “thinking persons” culture. The masses love to be led by superficial bullshit. Minus the thinking part. So in essence at this point it’s alot of destroying taking place and people are literally unaware they are doing this. Epitomizing the blind, deaf and dumb. Thats Y it’s imperative that we, the Gods and Earths add on (build) to the cipher and make knoweldge born that true social equality can be a beautiful thing.

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