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I have stated in prior posts that my cee on victory is different than my cee on winning. Although, the two concepts are relatively synonymous, there are some ways in which they diverge. I draw up winning to represent quantitatively overcoming, whether it be in a game or contest. All that is required for one to win is that they obtain one more point, or have something go their way, that may not have worked out so well for another party strivin’ for the same prize or goal. Victory, is the idea of overcoming obstacles in such a way that yields qualitative growth and adds on to a person when they take the best part of the journey and learn something from it. The lesson learned and survival of the learning process is what makes one victorious. The wisdom reaching understanding in order to improve one’s ability to refine their culture and more adeptly manifest I-God is the prize. The devils at my justice cipher born perpetuate all kinds of trick-knowledge, tell lies, and have the nerve to try doing so in a fine mist. The funny thing is, they don’t look at it as if they are competing with me or anyone else occupying the same space on the the totem pole. The way they see it, everyone is just playing their part. The truth is, they are right in exact in some respects. I don’t really look at my average work day as a battle between me and them, God and devil. I strive to stay focused on the cipher in it’s totality while drawing up the mulitiplicity of key variables that make that equation what it is. It’s gotten to a point where I don’t like doing trading with them anymore self cipher it’s time for me to travel. That doesn’t mean i’m gonna walk away before I have my next move set to be made. I’ll keep playing their game until the time is right and I will then graciously bow out. Civilization means one having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, and refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness. I’ll leave the savage part to them…the winners…and travel with my righteous victory.

SV Allah

  1. Peace…Most definitely agree, & glad to be out of that environment (for the last 2 1/2 months)…When those types are competing, they are indirectly acknowledging your superiority, and their fear of falling behind you…The lack of social equality amongst them is just a product of insecurity…even more so that deeply rooted fear of genetic annihilation is coming to the surface…the worst part is when Original People learn and do like them (that was my case, they sent an Original Man to do the dirty work bc they feared me)…@ the end of the day tho, I used them more than they used me so nothign was lost except time, however my Victory is being able to Use the Experience I acquired from them for the rest of my Life, and taking it a step further & eventually build a business for myself…btw Lord, I’m in Cream City/The Here-After for about the next year or so, finally more settled so I’ll be accessible…Peace…Au

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