Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Uncategorized


I did the knowledge on a peace new installment of the Zeitgeist documentary series called “Zeitgeist Addendum.” If you want to do the knowledge, you can find it and watch it for free at freedocumentaries.com. The basic idea of the film is to expose the savage nature of our monetary societal construct. It discusses how this system is based on scarcity translating to profit and how the powers that be manipulate the economy in order to continue the cycle of growing debt for the masses while increasing wealth for the 10%. The point that it was trying to make is that the devil’s civilization has expired. This predatory way of living is antiquated, weak, and wicked. It’s only a matter of time before it starts rapidly breaking down and giving wisdom allah why to a new construct. One of the peace aspects of the film was that it offered a potential alternative type of society which is actually feasible based on the technology and resources we currently have at our disposal. It built on the concept of migrating from a money based society to a resource based society, the success of which would be predicated on our use of advanced technology to effectively harness natural sources of energy. With the increased focus on technological advancement for the purpose of more efficiently utilizing the Earth’s power to sustain ourselves, we could automate many of the production processes involved, and create abundance. Once the abundance is created then the need for competition and capitalism would dissolve and every man, woman, and child would have access to the food, clothing, and shelter that they require. Instead of having the majority of people being used as tools and slaves that power an inequitable system, people would be free to nourish their minds with the type of useful information that actually could be applied to the improvement of their quality of life and the greater good. Greed would no longer be necessary once the scarcity erodes and equality abounds. The educational system could be restructured so that we raise well-rounded and critically thinking children instead of narrow-minded zombies who are funneled through each grade level until they graduate and join the rest of us toiling in the obscure reality of perpetual debt and mind numbing labor.

Until this shift in societal functioning takes place, the human families of this planet will not be able to effectively take the best part of the human experience which, is the opportunity to live harmoniously with others. The change will be gradual because it starts inside of each individual when they transform from unconscious slaves of a mental death and power, to civilized people who are righteous, in possession of self-knowledge, and primed for intense study of the science of everything in life. Politics and money don’t have anything to do with this extremely necessary elevation coming to pass. The key facilitators of this change will be technicians who are skilled in science and mathematics. These are the people whose minds are capable of jump starting the advance of technology so that it does so at the rapid rate which would be expected in a “so-called” progressive world. The documentary stated that at one square I master equal the U.S. had approximately 130,000 scientists working on the development of nuclear weapons. If those same 130,000 minds were focused on developing new ways to protect our environment, cure disease, and automate processes that shouldn’t require human labor, then the world would be a much more pleasant place to live in and work, as we know it, would not be necessary as a means of sustaining ourselves in terms of basic needs. Self preservation has to be thought of as a group drive versus an individualistic obsession. The universal self is what must be preserved and since it pertains to the survival and elevation of the group the effort to do so must be collaborative. Success in this undertaking will be determined by how soon this realization becomes widespread.

SV Allah


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