The Secrets?

Posted: January 2, 2010 in Uncategorized


Earlier this evening, I was buildin’ with my Queen on the born degree in the 1-14. She posed a very interesting question. She asked what are the secrets that we will take the devil’s head off for revealing. I answered the question although, at the moment, I can’t recall the gist of the build I manifested. However, now that the subject has resurfaced in my third I have some new ideas. The secrets are the truth of who original people are. What I mean by that is when we come into the knowledge of ourselves that’s the ultimate “taking of the devil’s heads.” The lies that they tell and the tricknowledge they perpetuate is what conceals the true and living god from the 85% and keeps them worshipping something they cannot see which is invisible. K.O.S. is the secret that most people will never have revealed to them, and many to whom it is revealed won’t accept the science because they have been fed the wrong mental foods.

K.O.S. is the path to refinement which yields the power for us to clean ourselves up. The act of doing so is synonymous with the sword being placed on the father love allah god so that the devil can always see it. Making sure that he always sees it shows and proves to him that Allah is the all eye seeing. It let’s him know that he can’t fool us and even when we do occasionally fall victim to his civilization there’s a chance for us to recover. We can come in one day and destroy him. See the reason that we fall periodically is because said falls yield opportunities for us to show forth and prove that Allah is God. The fact that we are connected to, and manifested by, the originator of all things is the last thing that the devil wants or needs us to know. The liberation of the original mind makes it more difficult for him to use us for a tool and also a slave. The corresponding mental clarity removes the shield from his dirty religion.

SV Allah


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