Does that have anything to do with……?

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Uncategorized


The knowledge knowledge degree in the 1-36 poses an interesting question. By asking “does that have anything to do with the above question?,” the implication is that the devil feeding us the wrong mental foods may, or may not, have to do with why we fear him as adults. Obviously, the next degree confirms that said foods can have a big impact, and I bear witness to that. However, they don’t have to, if we decide that they won’t, then our determined idea can over-ride or disrupt their ability to do so. The point is, that we have to show and prove regardless of what the devil does. He continues daily to teach that bullshit, self cipher, in that regard he’s predictable because it’s always the same shit, just a different day with him. He was made to keep us sharp and to keep us showin’ and provin’. Often times, when we experience trials and tribulations, we have a tendency to make excuses. In so doing, we highlight things that we deem to be relevant roadblocks to our success in a given undertaking. The excuse represents mental death in that although the highlighted variable may be a factor that is influential, it shouldn’t have anything to do with our ability to carry out our determined idea. Word is bond, regardless of whom or what, meaning in spite of those things which may try and bring about failure. Showing forth our power involves proving that Allah is God, ALWAYS has been, ALWAYS will be! ALWAYS!!! Not only during certain hours of the day, and not only a couple of days per week, b.u.t. always.

This build is very much an inspirational speech to self as the coming week is one during which the devil will test me. I already know how and when self cipher I will not be fooled. Today is about gearing up to meet said challenge head on. So I have to be at the justice an hour earlier, I’m built for it, so i’ll be there. He doesn’t desire to address the various challenges that the team is facing self cipher we all just do the best that we can with what we have. This week i’m strivin’ to completely remove my emotions from anything relative to the job. If they don’t give a fuck about the challenges we face or the customers that we serve then neither do I. I’ll remain in a fine mist and play the role just like they do. We make him study from 35 to 50 years trying to be like us so to be like him when necessary is nothing. We’ll see how he likes a taste of his own medicine.

SV Allah


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