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Nowadays life is really a grind. The stress of chasin’ a check while keeping mental and physical devils at bay can be taxing to say the least. With this being the wisdom month, I see the new why equal allah rule getting into full swing and the time to get those determined ideas moving forward is the zag. You can’t yell into the future and tell time to “wait up.” It waits for no one self cipher you can either master it, or it will master you. I’ve heard it said that “grinders win”. By that I mean the people who do the work necessary to take things from knowledge to born are typically most successful in all of their undertakings. Supreme mathematics teaches thoroughness and perseverance. No job is ever done until you see the day that you’ve been waiting for, and wisdom is the way to reach said understanding.

This devil’s civilization is a matrix of processes, many of which are layered. There’s always a set of forms that have to be filled out, a fee to be paid, or a wait for things to happen. These processes can sometimes be expedited b.u.t. in many cases they have to be allowed to run their course. Instant gratification is the drive of the savage in the pursuit of happiness. Anything that seems too easy or good to be true usually is. That easy route can be a nurses needle comin’ in a fine mist ready and willing to sting you. That’s why we must be the all eye seeing. When doing the knowledge is your natural and initial inclination things don’t get past you and the devil can’t fool you as easily. The understanding degree in the 1-14 tells us that the original man knows every square inch of the Earth. The acquisition of said knowledge speaks to a never ending process of investigation and elevation. I can recall a point in my life at which I just wanted to smarter than most other people. That point was followed by a period during which I thought I was smarter than most other people. At present, I don’t care to gauge my intelligence against that of another person. I’m much more fixated on the reality that mind elevation is about pressing forward with study just for the sake of learning. As one improves their ability to learn, they naturally increase their knowledge. Ultimately, a poor righteous teacher studies so that they have more to offer those with whom they build. That’s how you truly add on to the cipher. It’s all about the work.

SV Allah


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