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I was in the cee allah rule with a friend of mine last night and he made a rather interesting statement. He said that he was considering just jumping on the train and riding it to the end of the line in order to get some inspiration. He went on to say, that he hadn’t ridden it in a while and that sometimes, when he’s driving, he feels cut off from the outside reality, as if he’s a spectator of life. I understood completely what he meant and it caused me to take the idea of “reality” under further consideration. I see reality as the sum of what observably “is.” There is a level of reality that we all pretty much bear witness to, and then we each have things that are real to us individually. In our nation, we refer to these things as what takes place within our circumference or universe. People have a tendency to shield themselves from those aspects of reality that they find to be unpleasant or disturbing. We are introduced to this practice at an early allah god equal by our parents. They will mildly fabricate things and tell us little white lies in order prevent us from being overwhelmed by reality’s harshness relative to certain ciphers. A perfect example of this concept is death. I remember a couple of years ago, at my aunt’s funeral, my cousin’s son was asking my ole’ Earth why everybody was so sad and where my aunt had gone. She gave him some watered down comforting build about how she went away to heaven and would never come back. I couldn’t really be mad at her. At his age, she had to give it to him in a light and fluffy form that he could digest. Although this is somewhat acceptable practice when dealing with the babies, it should be emphatically now cipher for adults.

Adults need to be able to face up to what is because that parallel reality shit represents searching for that which does not exist. Even still, the 85% takes the bullshit that the 10% feeds them on face value and does not try to find out who causes all of this to happen. Reality, is that image you see in the mirror when you realize how bogus your gut is or how many pimples you have. It’s that bill that comes in the mail with the bold letters which read “FINAL NOTICE!” You can keep throwin’ them shits in the trash if you want to b.u.t. eventually your lights or gas will get cut the fuck off at which point reality will be Harlem shakin’ all up in your face like Tyrone Biggums, lol. Black people, of all people, need to wake up and face the reality of our sad collective state of being. Our children run the streets like savages who have lost the knowledge of themselves living a beast way of life. They eat shit, talk shit, start shit, and think they run shit! It’s pathetic and the reality of the matter was manifested by Bernie Mac when he talked about “punk ass parents.” When I was a young God, my ole’ Earth didn’t play god allah master equal self. You did what she said to do, when and how she told you to, or you fell victim to the law. An old-fashioned ass whoopin’ was the penalty and it was enforced on every victim. We even got paddled at my grammar school and some of those teachers could make rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes with that wood.

As long as the adults keep actin’ like shit is fine and dandy, the babies will too. We are in a state of emergency in the black community and it’s about time we face it and reverse polarity on it. Our babies will be illiterate as long as we let the devil keep using them for a tool and also a slave in sub-standard schools. I’m in the process of applying for a program called Academy for Urban School Leadership. If accepted, I will be paid while I earn my master’s degree and then placed in a Chicago public school as a teacher. The program requires a culture year teaching commitment to which I say peace. I can give culture years to manifest I-God in the classroom. Regardless of the fact that the job will be stressful and the kids might be bad, so what. I would rather them be in God’s hands than some destroy power’s hands. I have to submit a bunch of documents, take some exams, and make it through wisdom interviews. I forgot to mention I had to pay knowledge culture equality dollars to register for the tests. I have no problem with the process because it’s only right and exact that I be qualified before they classify me as said person of that ability to teach the babies. I intend to give all I have and all within my power to earn my way into this program and become a teacher. Not because I want a pat on the back, b.u.t. because I would relish the chance to do my duty as a civilized person in that environment. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

SV Allah

  1. PEACE!!!

    Indeed, let Us know how it works out, my focus was education b4 my young dumb ass dropped outta college backday…but it was because I knew first-hand how BADLY the public school system needed better teachers, that was 14 years ago & shit has only gotten worse…Go 4 it GOD, they need it!!!

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