My First Taste of Math: “Da God Rakim Allah”

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized


It’s funny where the day’s

Sound travels at a rate of 1,120 ft per second!

mathematics will take your mind when you dare to draw it up. Today being the knowledge cipher day abbt knowledge, I started to think back to when knowledge cipher was my physical degree. It was build equality and I was in the power grade. At that square I master equal my favorite emcee was Rakim without question.

“With knowledge of self there’s nothing I can’t solve/
At 360 degrees I revolve/ It’s an actual fact it’s not an act/
It’s been proven, indeed/ And I’ll proceed to make the crowd keep movin/”

Eric B. and Rakim-“Move the Crowd”

In those days I had never heard of the NGE and I had no clue what a 5%er was. All I knew was this man seemed to have an effect on me that no other person that I had been exposed to ever did. He was so confident yet cool…hood yet swift…at that age I couldn’t quite put my finger on what attracted me to his wisdom b.u.t. its’ magnetic drew me in at a terrific speed. I wanted to be able to spit like him and I wanted to know what he was strivin’ to say to me. Even though I couldn’t decipher the mathematics woven into the rhymes they still effected me. They told me that there was something special about the black man. This something was inside of me and I knew it, I just had to learn how to manifest it. It almost felt like the God knew me and what I thought being fly was all about. He showed and proved time and time again and although the Wu-Tang clan caused the math to really pull me to it, Ra was the one who initially made knowledge born. All praises due to the God for splittin’ the atom on me which would ultimately lead me to knowledge of self.

SV Allah

  1. Peace,

    I just wanted to shout you out and show love to your blog. I too was drawn in to what the G.O.D. Rakim was spittin. My big brother put me on and I was hooked ever since I heard him wrip the mic. That was a golden time in hiphop. Take it light. Peace

  2. olu says:

    yes this is my favorite mc. did U hear that new album? Inredible!!!
    thanks for bringing it back to real hip hop

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