Spy Games: “The All Eye Seeing vs. The Eye of Big Brother”

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Uncategorized


Have you ever gotten the feeling that someone is watching you when they think you aren’t looking? Do you ever get the sense that someone is overhearing personal conversations that you may be having and even going so far as recording and keeping record of them? Trust your senses because that shit is real. This is not a conspiracy rant, it’s the truth. Do the knowledge to the way that the filthy affairs of these politicians and other famous people are being exposed when records of their text messages become available for public viewing on the wisdom equality born. Think about all of the different services that are now available to you allowing you to back your phone data up. These software applications are not only being marketed for your convenience, b.u.t. more specifically for the convenience of the devil. The government is taking legislative steps to get all up in your business without having to explain a damn thing. As long as they can come up with some widely accepted trick-knowledge laden excuse to do so they will. They have mining software that allows them to filter phone conversations and flag buzzwords that they think speak to a terrorist threat and if they deem what they hear to be enough fuel for suspicion they’ll be on that ass quick, fast, and in a hurry. Our degrees tell us that blindness and ignorance are synonymous self cipher anything that you don’t know is something that you can’t see. An undetected attack is much more effective than an obvious one. The time is now to truly do the knowledge to the treachery taking place in this jungle so that we can stave off the end of our marginally free way of life. Even though we are roped and bound by numerous inequities from a socioeconomic standpoint, shit could be a lot worse. And if people don’t wake up it will get worse.

Let me make knowledge born on a very direct level to those who may not be clear on the science in this wilderness of North America. First of all, politicians are nothing more than characters in a drab game of tug of war over pseudo power. They are all on strings controlled by wealthy puppet masters who run the Federal Reserve and are pushing for global government. The republicans and democrats are not really enemies. They are advocating the same common savage cause and the aim is to systematically rob you of your constitutional rights. The news is bullshit. These same savages control the media and the major tv networks so the stories that you see and hear are diluted, mixed, and tampered with by the time they get to you. Seek your news from alternative sources, such as the web, and cross reference the information as much as possible to get it right and exact. Do the knowledge to the source and qualify it to be credible before accepting the math. Next let’s talk about healthcare in this hell hole. The government will never push through a comprehensive initiative that will improve the health of the total population. They need for babies to be aborted, kids to be murdered in the streets, senior citizens dying of fatal disease, and the prison houses full. One of the key elements of global government is population control. White people are the global minority so they can’t allow the original population to keep growing at such a rapid rate. That would increase the odds of us infiltrating various dimensions of social equality from which they have historically kept us apart. If you think I’m bullshittin’ do the knowledge for yourself. You’ll be mad as fuck when you find out that hospitals are taking samples of your babies’ DNA without your consent and using it for research that you know nothing about. They are also keeping record of it so that they can use it in destructive ways if need be. To further illustrate his savage ways and actions, the devil has even conducted experiments on American soldiers. That’s right, the same young men and women who have sacrificed themselves to protect a country they thought to be the land of the free and home of the brave, have been exposed to harmful biological agents and subjected to injections classified as vaccinations, the ingredients of which they had no clue. We are under surveillance so my suggestion to you is to watch them the way that they watch you. Continue to increase your knowledge of their clandestine affairs and let them know that they are not coming in a fine mist. If you don’t know where to find information here are a couple of sources.

-Freedocumentaries.com-There are tons of peace documentaries here focused on various topics. You don’t have to sign up for, or log into anything.

-Prisonplanet.tv-This site always has up to date news that you won’t see on tv. They also have radio podcasts of the Alex Jones show that you can listen to either on your computer or web-enabled smartphone. Jones is an activist who keeps tabs on the government and reports his findings via his radio show, documentaries, and web sites. They just released a free app for the iphone that allows you to access it and for you people who have phones such as the G1, that run on android, you can download Streamfurious, which is a free application that allows you to download and listen to streaming audio. The show is pre-loaded there so that you can listen at anytime. The other website that he runs is infowars.net.

SV Allah

  1. john says:

    your site is cool, I will be returning!

  2. WHats good I just wanted to add on to your post. You a 100% correct about our phones being tapped and people have jobs where they literally sit there and listen to the “key” words. This was started with Edgar Hoover and the FBI with COINTERLO (Counter Inteligence Program). This has expanded to NSA (National Security Administration) as well as other entities that arent even on record. Also wanted to speak about the Patriot Acts 1 and 2. There are many provisions that allow plenty of wiretaps and countless other laws that can cripple a persons civil liberties. Its not a game out here by any stretch. All of these political parties are definitely in bed together and its like they just throwin smokin mirrors at us to make it appear that they beef with one another. Good look on the next sites to check. Stay up. Peace

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