“U’ or Universe?

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Uncategorized


Self or savior, which is today’s degree in the supreme alphabet, takes me to the wisdom degree in the 1-36. Whether it be God, Earth, or destroy power, people are quick to scream that by myself shit. “It’s all about me” or “I gotta do me” are two of the more common expressions of this idea. I acknowledge that we all came to this wilderness alone through the triple darkness of our mother’s womb. However, we are not existing on this plane in isolated bubbles. We all have family, friends, and various others with whom we share social equality. Even the most introverted of human beings engage in some form of contact with other people on a daily basis and if they don’t, they are often not mentally stable.

A good number of America’s social ills can be attributed to lacking, or unhealthy social equality. Male criminals tend to site the lack of a father in their lives as one of the primary reasons they stray away from a righteous path. Serial killers are often social outcasts with nothing but time on their hands to channel the corresponding anger into a violent act of vengance toward those who ignored or ostracized them. Everybody wants to be part of a whole, regardless of how comfortable they are being by themselves. The reason being that we all need the vital components of relationships to nourish and validate our personas. This can come in the form of comfort, advice, praise, etc. The bottom line is, human nature causes us to bounce things off of one another in an effort to compare notes on life. The root of the word relationship is relate and when we can relate with one another we are able to reach the mental common ground of understanding. We want to be understood and when we are, we generally are more capable of understanding others. Equality represents understanding on both sides of a two person social equation. That understanding is rooted in the agreed upon terms of the relationship. The interactive balance is delicate and can only be maintained if both parties are committed to the common cause.

The unfortunate reality of group dynamics, or even those of a couple, is that someone is bound to disrupt the balance of equality. A person in a relationship will cheat, or a member of an organization will steal from the group thereby acting to advance their own savage pursuit of hapiness. This world is such a dangerous place because people don’t care about anyone but themselves. Society is set up to keep us competing with one another and programmed with the “every man for himself” complex. Until there can be a basic common accord that we all advocate our civilization will remain degenerative. People have to learn that “u” are part of a larger universe and there are threads that bind us all.

SV Allah


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