The Culture of I-God/Father’s Day (manifested wisdom days ago)

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Uncategorized


Today is the day that Almighty God Allah was physically manifested. The God only lived for culture knowledge years. Culture knowledge born power or refinement, which is the approximate number of years that he was with us manifesting and teaching I-God culture. Sometimes, I wonder what the God would think of this nation in its’ present state. Being the supreme mathematician that he was, I’m quite sure that he would see some positive things that we could build on, as well as some madness that we need to destroy. Based on what I understand about him, he was a straight shooter self cipher I think it would have been peace to pick his brain and get his cee on various subjects. I wonder if he would have put money on the Super Bowl or if he would have an email account. I’d be curious to get his cee on some of my born love cipher god posts and the wisdom therein. I’m sure we would have agreed on some things, and diverged on others. I know he would have had some unique insights on Obama’s election as the first original president.

When I went to Mecca in cipher build I felt the God’s magnetic. I felt at home in the house Allah built. I knew I was in the root and I knew that it was because of him making knowledge born back in equality culture. In my estimation, that’s exactly what this nation is…an equality culture. The beauty of it is that each God and Earth is an original person manifestin’ their own self styled wisdom. Although I never met him in the flesh I know he was a leader. Any man that had the testicular fortitude to teach these lessons in the mosque right and exact, then leave and start his own shit when met with disapproval was no follower. The Father was that divine equality allah love, point blank. Sometimes, when I really just let my third drift off into a whirlwind of math and degrees, I’m in awe of what the God really gave to us. I’ve never known a clarity such as that with which I see things through this lense. For most of my life, prior to getting knowledge of self, I had so many universal thoughts and sensations that I didn’t know quite how to make sense out of. I had so many questions about why black people seemed to always get the shitty end of the stick while the colored man always seemed to wield advantage. This theme has replicated itself in various ciphers throughout my Q’uran. Nowaday, although the shit still irks me, I have a different outlook. I walk with a renewed sense of pride and elevated understanding. Knowin’ that I’m the true and living God means that I occupy the true cipher power spot. Even when I’m among the devils and they show and prove their ways and actions to be like a snake of the grafted type, I smile to myself and think, “I’m glad I’m God!”

Were it not for the Father, who’s to say whether or not I would ever have come to this earth shattering realization. For a poor black man in the wilderness of North America this knowledge is indeed a great gift. I now know what my purpose in life is and what the 5% was manifested to do. My mind is tightly wrapped around my duty as a civilized person. When a black man comes into the knowledge of himself as God, the shackles on his psyche disintegrate. Almighty God Allah blazed that trail and set that precedent. I have a magnet on my refrigerator with a picture of him, Black Messiah, and Uhuru. Sometimes I imagine that he’s lookin’ at me when I open the door…and sometimes I say “Peace God!”


SV Allah


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