Misplaced Power…

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Uncategorized


Over the course of the last wisdom days an interesting thing has occurred. Not only did I build with both of my parents regarding the same subject, b.u.t. they both made the same statement to me within the context of said conversation. The significance of this math is that my parent’s are polar opposites in many ways self cipher they rarely will share similar views on anything. My ole’ dad is a real live mystery god subscriber. I was buildin’ with him about my younger physical and he said that he hoped that via the establishment of a closer realtionship with the mystery god, my brother would be able to call upon the power needed to change his life. I countered by saying he doesn’t need a supernatural intermediary to guide him toward power that lies inside of him. With the knowledge of his true self he would be able to activate said power and show & prove himself to be the sole controller of his universe. This is where the statement of the hour comes in. The old man said, “Well son, everybody is not like you.” I interpreted his statement as a cop out for the 85% although I bear witness to the truth in his words to an extent. What disturbed me about it is the notion that my brother may never be able to recover from mental death according to this line of reasoning. My position is, even if he never does, it won’t be because he couldn’t as my degrees tell me there is always a chance. The fact that my ole’ dad was talkin’ that weak shit and suggesting that my brother search for that which does not exist to elevate was blowin’ the shit outta me. I expected nothing less however. He won’t hesitate to say that it was “divine intervention” that turned his life around…whatever.

Movin’ on to my ole Earth…although she doesn’t bear witness to the blackman being god, she is much more of a self starter than the old master allah now. She said that when she was young, my grand ole’ Earth told her the same thing that pops said to me about everybody not being like her. She then echoed the same sentiment about me. Now, I’m fully aware of the fact that the 5, 10, and 85 percentages generally remain constant b.u.t. a person is much more likely to travel in the wrong direction when they are lead that way. I don’t advocate people lookin’ outside of self for answers that lie within because that represents a misplacement of power. Change is not a blessing or wish that is granted, it’s a mathematical reality of life. It will take place regardless of whom or what. The question is, will you be a change agent or the victim of change? Will you do or be the one done to? When my brother builds with me, I don’t manifest no spooked out wisdom about how he needs to pray for shit to get better. I tell him to get up off his ass and make somethin’ happen. I’m doin’ him a disservice if I encourage him to relinquish control over his circumference to any other entity outside of himself because that shit ain’t right and exact. The more of your power you give away the weaker you become.

SV Allah

  1. Peace Allah…
    I was building with a newborn last nite on similar terms, re: everyone not recovering…she was concerned about a few people in her cipher, & couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t want KOS as much as she did…the point that I made was that although Original People have the potential to recover from the mental death most of us fall victim to, it’s simply not gonna happen for all..some will live (or really just make it through) their whole existence on Earth not having a clue. Her reply; “That’s sad”. And it is. she was felling some responsibility towards making sure they see the light, I then had to simplify the equation; either a person is born for this, or they not. It’s not our fault. We still have the responsibility toward them of making Knowledge Born, yet it’s up to them to take it from Knowledge to Born (Self Savior)…Even with my physical family, they see my mind state as unattainable, & even tho magnetic influences them, it can’t change their minds…My brother in law was my 1st student, made it thru the 1-10 & left it alone, only to be returned to the essence power years later…he made those choices, & although I felt guilt for a while, i had to understand that I couldn’t MAKE him do anything, it was up to him to save himself…Peace…Au

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