Ignorance as a defense, Law, & 120…

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Uncategorized


I was buildin’ with this dude on the train yesterday about the Ben Roethlisburger situation, and he hit me with a concept that I had never pondered before. For those who are not football fans, Roethlisburger is the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was recently accused of sexually assaulting a wisdom cipher year old chick at a college bar in suburban GA outside of Atlanta. I’m ashamed to say that I built with this brother all the way to the end of the line and never found out his now allah master equal. Anyway, as we compared thoughts on the case and speculated his guilt or innocence, I found out that the brother I was buildin’ with is a law student. Our conversation transitioned from the Roethlisburger case exclusively, into other issues regarding big name athletes. We touched on steroids and the list of banned substances that the NFL tests for and the God made a statement I had never heard relative to law. When I suggested that some of the players may unknowingly ingest one of these substances via an over-the-counter supplement, he said, “ignorance is not a legal defense.” That phrase has been ringin’ in my third ever since.

The concept of ignorance not being grounds for legal innocence represents a general principle of jurisprudence, or law philosophy. The idea is that as long as the law is made available to people, it is their responsibility to know it and obey it. This makes a lot of sense because were there no such tenet, people could break the law at will and then say they didn’t know they were doing so when caught. Knowledge wisdom cipher tells us in the equality degree that illiterate means ignorant. When I apply that math to the matter at hand, I see it to mean that if one is not knowledgeable of the laws governing a particular cipher then the likelihood of falling victim to said laws becomes dangerously high. It also calls to mind the idea of equality relative to law enforcement. The majority of law makers, cee cipher powers, and lawyers are colored. This tips the scales of justice in the destroy direction for the original master allah now. In the true spirit of Yacub the devil makes sure that we pay, often times with our lives, for every law that we break whenever he gets the opportunity. This victimization pervades American society via our dealings with doctors, ministers, and nurses all of whom act in accordance to the devil’s laws. The doctor’s keep people believin’ that dope is hope, the nurses brandish the needles, and the ministers feed em’ the wrong mental foods. The 85% percent keeps them all walkin’ with fat pockets based on their ignorance. Although most of us have access to the web and the wealth of information it places at our fingertips, we don’t do the knowledge to the laws of this land and are therefore, sitting ducks in the courtroom. Conversely, the colored man is well versed and even better represented which is why he tends to get lighter sentences or escape the injustice all together based on technicalities.

The prescribed law of Islam, unlike those in the wilderness of North America, is designed to benefit the uncivilized because it charges the responsibility for them to the civilized people, who are said persons of that ability. We teach to combat ignorance and ensure that our brothers and sisters are not so easily used for a tool and a slave. The laws of Islam are unalike to the devil because he is 100% weak and wicked. That’s why he must be murdered. It’s mighty funny how Islam as a religion has such a negative stigma attached to it in this country while Christianity is drawn up to be so pure and holy. This is certainly not irony, but rather tricknowledge. The number of muslims all over the planet earth is approximately a unit followed by born ciphers and most of them are original. The devil would have you believe that Islam is devil and Christianity is god. The so-called separation of church and state doesn’t exist. Knowledge is the most powerful defense in any cipher. If you know what people think about you then you know how to deal with them. If you know what a person will do before they do it, you can counter said action accordingly. And if you have knowledge of self you can defend self from the devil and his laws in this savage civilization.

SV Allah


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