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Rules & Regulations

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Yesterday seemed like an intro to today’s degree in the 1-40. I encountered multiple scenarios that showed and proved how linked the devil’s mindstate is to the rules & regulations which were enforced to manufacture him. Let’s draw up these rules and regulations. The first one was discrimination. He only selected healthy, strong, & good breeders as followers. In order to achieve his determined idea, he killed the black babies and saved the brown babies. This established a pattern of preferential treatment being given to lighter people. Said pattern culminates in the creation of the colored man who is the “lightest” person of all.

In order to perpetuate this ongoing preferential treatment, Yacub inlisted the help of doctors, who would examine all desiring to marry and then qualify or disqualify them to the minister. This process was in no way rooted in equality and modern day devils learned this process well from their father. I spoke to a colored man on Monday who wanted to add bridged time to his pension accrual service. He had already applied once and was denied based on specific provisions that deem his request un-approvable. He then filed a claim to dispute the determination, only to be rejected again for the same reason. He told me he never received correspondence that specifically outlined the denial reason. I emailed a guy from the appropriate department and asked him to break the math down so that I could explain it to the man, and he did. When I called him back & explained that the rules don’t allow him to have the time bridged, he said he understood that the rules stipulate this but he disagreed because he felt like it didn’t make sense. When I told him that we have to administer the benefit in accordance to the provisions set forth by the company he said he wanted to speak with the poeple that write them. Upon denial he told me he would explore other avenues to get what he wanted. Talk about not taking no for an answer! That answer is unalike to the colored man. In his mind denial doesn’t compute. His origin is savage and therefore not civilized. He thinks he can backdoor his way around established parameters. This is where things such as robbing and stealing, from the culture degree in the 1-14 emerge. If he’s able to successfully navigate his way around the rules then he will have, effectively robbed his company to receive more gold.

Obviously, this is common place in corporate America. When it comes to what he wants, fuck the rules. This shows and proves that the devil can’t be reformed. Reform generally involves the establishing of rules and regulations. It’s only successful if they are enforced equally b.u.t. they aren’t in this wilderness. Now the wisdom born degree tells us that the death penalty was enforced on every victim. I see that to mean not everyone is equally likely to fall victim to the love allah wisdom, especially in a racist country such as this one. More often than not, its an original person fallin’ victim in Yacub’s World Manifest. “So how do we reverse polarity on this math Preme?” We start tellin’ the devil no. No we don’t want your diluted, mixed, and tampered with foods whether mental or physical. No, we don’t want your sub-par education standards for our babies. No, we don’t want your fairy tale religion…No muthafucka….No!



“Makin Cipher U Truth”

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I did the knowledge on a recent post by the Queen Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth and it brought me to a current that I’ve been meaning to touch on for a while.  The queen was buildin’ on the innocence of young love and how beautiful it is.  I emphatically agree.  Young love tends not to be nearly as diluted, mixed, and tampered with as that of wisdom “seasoned” adults.  It lacks the extra stress and complex variables that debt, baggage from past relationships, and other unflattering math born out of allah god equal and pain that is buried there.  I often reflect on some of my earliest experiences with wisdoms and can’t help but smile.  One of the fondest memories that I have from my youth is makin’ cipher u truth (kissin’ :o).  I’m talkin’ about in my early knowledge ciphers before I ever got a shot of power U.  I remember when I was about knowledge equality, there was this wisdom named Nikki that I was real cool with.  Her ole Earth and my aunt were best friends so I used to run into her a lot over my aunt’s rest.  She wound up being my prom date as a matter of fact, which is another build for another square I master equal.  Anyway, I was in this program called Link in high school, and they used to have this big party every year that we sold tickets for.  It just so happened that Nikki’s cousin was in town from Arkansas so they both came to the party.  Afterwards, the two of them spent the night at my rest, (with my ole’ Earth playin’ the all eye seein’ chaperon of course).  My man Dre’ came through for a while after the party because he was strivin’ to get on with Nikki.  I can’t recall her cousin’s name for shit b.u.t that’s about the only thing I forgot about her.  The queen was comin’ at me on a cold current and I had no clue why.  As the night progressed, Dre had to get home and Nikki went to sleep.  So did my ole’ Earth, which gave me the perfect opportunity to find out why my current of air and hers weren’t mixin’ more peacefully.  She proceeds to tell me how she was master allah divine at me because I had been ignoring her all night and she was upset because it didn’t seem that I was feelin’ her the way she was feelin’ me.  Mind you, I had no idea that the queen was drawn up like that.  Shows how much I knew about the wisdom cipher back then LOL.

At this point, with knowledge made born that I was the piece with the magnetic, I quickly recovered from mental death and took my build to the smooth angle of the square.  I did find the queen attractive, and with my young confidence skyrocketing past six, I built like a rule & born singer, lol.  Even though my ole Earth was in the next room in deep triple darkness, and Nikki was in the same room at rest, we couldn’t resist each other.  The next thing I knew I was kissin’ the queen like lip lockin’ was a sport!  The ill thing was, the fear that was planted in me when I was a little boy kept me from goin’ for the power U because my ole’ Earth would’ve taken my head with no hesitation.  With this thought radiating in the back of my third, I made a conscious decision to keep the math on the make out level.  It was an upper echelon session, word is bond.  We probably didn’t speak more than a paragraph’s worth of wisdom to each other for hours on end, and we only stopped tongue wrestling long enough to breathe and give each other the type of looks Luther would give Anita if they sang “If  This World Were Mine” at the Grammy’s back in the build ciphers!  The images of the episode are so vivid in my mind, even to this day.  I remember the heat and intensity that we sent back and forth.  I felt like I didn’t want the night to end and I knew she felt the same way.  Even though I could have attempted to climb Mt. Everest,   a slow passionate survey of the hills and mountains was most peace self cipher I didn’t feel like I settled or got cheated in any sense. We kissed and touched all night long until the sun reappeared. After we finally passed out on the couch drained from the extended mouth to mouth remix, my ole’ Earth saw us all hugged up and called me out of the room ready to set it.  She said, “I know yo nasty ass didn’t do what I think you did!  If that girl’s father knew I let that shit happen he’d have a fit!”  I calmly told the queen to calm down and that I had more refinement than that.  I admitted that we kissed and touched each other a little bit (wink wink) born universal truth the build jewel stayed on and there was no savior equality unknown.  She knew I wouldn’t take it there with her in the rest so she fell back.  That entire day until she went home we kept givin’ each other those “if I get you alone again it’s on” faces.  That shit happened approximately knowledge build years ago, b.u.t. I’ll never forget it.

I’ve carried my fascination with kissing into my adulthood, to the surprise of many of the wisdoms that I’ve been with in any capacity.  It shocks me to see how much of a lost art it is.  There is so much that can be communicated in this act of pure passion and it can yield as much joy for the grown and sexy as it can for the young and curious.  Almost wisdom cipher years later, that science still shows and proves its’ effectiveness at drawin’ a queen up time and time again.  When you kiss a woman and do it like you mean it, that’s the equivalent of telling her something that she desperately wants to hear in one of her favorite languages…affection.  Affection allows a man to show and prove all of that fly sentimental shit that he says has merit.  If you have sex with a wisdom and don’t kiss her, she knows that you don’t think very highly of her and she probably doesn’t think very much of herself.  I saw two young lovers makin cipher u truth on the train the other day.  It looked so pure and so genuine.  It took me back to my glory days in that cipher, I damn sure enjoyed them ;oD.


SV Allah

“The Interview”

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I had my first interview with the Academy for Urban Schools and Leadership program, at the knowledge hour today.  It lasted about culture power minutes and overall, I think I did cipher king.  Since I’ve been on the same justice cipher born for culture years, it’s been a while since I went on an interview.  I wasn’t too worried though.  I usually interview pretty well and I just look at it as an opportunity to show and prove.  As long as I give all I have and all within my power to make a good impression,  my reward will be peace and happiness regardless of the outcome.  The cipher was ill to be honest.  I went before two wisdoms, both of whom were original.  I wasn’t intimidated, b.u.t. rather dialed in and aware of the dynamic and its’ potential implications.  There were quite a few thoughts running through my third.  I wondered what their initial perception of me, as an original man applying for a teaching position was.  I couldn’t tell if they drew it up to be positive or negative and I would imagine they remained in a fine mist by design.  It was obvious that the queen sitting directly across from me was the “alpha interviewer” if you will.  She asked all of the questions thereby playing the qualifying doctor.  I met her once before at the informational session and have exchanged emails with her a few times.  The questions weren’t very surprising, although they were somewhat challenging.  I anticipated the typical “tell me about yourself,” “what are your hobbies” shit up front, and that we would rapidly transition into the situational , “what would you do in this scenario” type math.  I’m peace with the answers that I gave although I couldn’t always tell what their reactions truly meant.  At certain points, I did ask for clarity so that I fully understood what the queen was asking and once it was rendered, I gave the most direct answers that I could think of.

When I arrived at the site, there was  a colored woman in the waiting area with me. She was also there for an interview.  One of the teachers from the school (the site was a school) another colored chick, came in to chat with her and wish her luck.  It was apparent that they were friends and perhaps she referred her and had given her some pointers.  I wasn’t bothered by it.  According to the literature, the program is about rehabilitating under-performing schools.  The majority of the schools are in black low-income neighborhoods just like the ones that I grew up in and attended school in.  That being the cee allah self equal, I can’t see why I wouldn’t be a prime candidate to help save some of these babies, provided that I show and prove my self by meeting the criteria they set forth.  The online application clearly asks “how many years have you lived or worked in an underprivileged community?” I wonder if either of those colored chicks could say they’ve lived in one for their entire lives as I have…I would dare to say they can’t and even if they could I’d want to visit said areas.  Regardless to whom or what, I know these babies need what I have to offer.  If given the opportunity, I won’t enter the program with any misplaced pride or ego.  I’m strivin’ to learn as much as I can and pass the learning on.  I have to take the exams this Saturday which will be knowledge god and that’s what I’ll be there to manifest…the knowledge of the true and living God.


SV Allah


There are very few things on the planet Earth that magnetize the original man like ass.  For a variety of reasons those two divine cheeks of flesh are irresistably hypnotic.  From the square I master equal he begins his transition from little boy to teen his eyes will apply their vice grip to tens of thousands showin’ and provin’ the all eye seein,’ as very few within his circumference will escape his radar.  Indeed this is somewhat of a savage reality b.u.t. the truth is simply the wisdom of the cipher so if I’m lyin’ show and prove.  This thought was sparked as I sleepily gazed at the posterial (is that a word? if not it is now :o) profile of this wisdom I was gettin’ off the train with this morning. Mind you, it was about half past the power hour in the allah master.  We ride wisdom trains together self cipher it’s not as if this is the 1st or 10th time I’ve looked at her ass.  Some might say, “damn God, that’s some savage shit to say.”  My reply to such a person would be this.  God is man and woman comes from man and is therefore a part of me.  Is it savage then to look at a part of my self?  My understanding degree says that I’m the God and owner of the Earth and know every square inch of it.  I can’t know it unless I see it.  Since I’m an experienced ass-watcher, I can tell when it’s really 24, 896 miles in circumference vs when the queen is just rockin’ some of those aerodynamic stretchy jeans that make it appear to be more than it really is.  That concept got me thinkin’ about how much time men lose searchin’ for that which does not exist, in terms of the “queen mother of asses” that will make them retire from the savage pursuit and declare that they’ve found peace and happiness in the form of the perfect booty with which to settle down.  This idea drips with absurdity because it’s just that…absurd.  First of all, a good number of the asses that we salivate over aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be.  Between the aforementioned stretchy jeans, padded panties, and all the other trick-knowledge that wisdoms can employ to enhance what they actually sit on, once you get it naked the real truth is manifested and could turn out to be disappointing.  What’s even more fucked up is that in Yacub’s World Manifest we look past the queen’s most redeeming quality, which is her mind, and seek out the part of her that has no eyes with which to look back.  That’s wisdom knowledge which is not right and exact.  Since you wanna fuck so bad that you strivin’ to bypass doin’ the knowledge on her to get to the wisdom of the power U if a misunderstanding arises between the two of you no better for you.  That’s what happens when you experiment with high explosives….earthquakes!

That optical illusion to which we fall victim is a mental death that we deserve.  I see it as poetic justice.  I’m not strivin’ to assert that physical attraction is unimportant nor am I saying that there’s something wrong with likin’ ass.  We all have our physical preferences and that’s peace.  My point is if that one physical characteristic is the basis of your appraisal of a wisdom then you’re shallow as hell, and have a lot of it to go through in order to get your mind right.  There’s a mind, heart, and personality attached to that trunk junk and at some point you will have to confront all three.  Upon doin’ the knowledge to those understanding dimensions of a woman a man can become a master of equality and build with her from a level beyond six miles from her surface.  BBD born the phrase “never trust a big butt & a smile” and that math is right and exact.  God deals with the Earth from top to bottom and though he will indulge in the power U he will also teach and manifest refinement.  Let’s face it, although I’m all in favor of 3/4ths that will never stop the unknown ray vision of a man from zeroing in on that ass and drawin’ it up to fantastic images of sexual bliss.  The harm is only done when that thought transforms to action under unrighteous circumstances.  This build is not comin’ from a self-righteous angle.  I’ve been on plenty of bullshit that had me thinkin’ I was a power I master power only to learn the hard way that I was just lacking in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  I reflect regretfully on some of what I’ve done even though I know those experiences helped make me the God I am today.  I wasn’t Goldie by any stretch of the imagination and I struck out on a unit followed by many ciphers worth of occasions for every “home run” that I hit so to speak lol.  Even still, I’ve made my fair share of rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes in the pursuit of ass.  Often times I only succeeded in makin’ an ass out of self.  I think back on all the busted nights during which I wasted money at the club or lounge talkin’ strong in some woman’s ear.  I get the number and call her and either she doesn’t remember me, she does remember me and just ain’t talkin’ about shit, or we have a few conversations and finally meet again and I end up thinkin, I must have been drunk and blowed as hell when I met yo ass!  Sure I had some fun and even got some every now and then b.u.t. until I truly found out was love was about I was just losin’ time.  At understanding culture years of allah god equality my patience for the superficial is minimal.  If I was single now, my M.O. would be examine and qualify, or disqualify straight out that wisdom build or destroy degree.  Ass can’t do much more than bounce.  It can’t keep house, raise no children, take care of no husband, cook, or sew and if it’s too big she probably don’t know how to act at home or abroad because she ain’t been taught!  Think about it.


SV Allah

Equality in Mediocrity?

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It has recently occurred to me that the likelihood of society holding a given perpetrator accountable for mediocrity depends, in large part, on the position of said perpetrator in the cipher in question. Consider wisdom examples. In example one, we will look at Shaun Rogers, defensive tackle of the Cleveland Browns, allah knowledge allah the latest dickhead football player to get caught up on a gun charge. This man reportedly attempted to go through airport security with a loaded pistol in one of his bags. I can’t bring myself to defend the retardation of his judgement. Furthermore, I refuse to assume that the man wasn’t raised well enough to know right from wrong. For these reasons I draw this up to him having a culture about him which is, at best, mediocre in depth and quality. Let’s face it, when you live out destroy culture, your ways and actions can be interpreted as an expression of disinterest in freedom. And, in some cases, the result can be a loss of freedom. Rogers, like his fellow young, black, NFL transgressors will be beaten with many stripes in the court of public opinion & rightfully so. However, let’s examine a different perpetuator of blatant mediocrity to see if they meet justice of comparable intensity.

The guilty party in this instance will be my justice cipher born, a company which shall remain nameless and is allegedly an industry leader in the HR world. The crime is the use and lackluster maintenance of substandard technology, manifested in antiquated software and hardware which is so pathetic and mediocre, given the nature of our work, it is almost criminal. A key corresponding offense is the outright indifference they exhibit relative to the significant impact this has on the productivity of employees in terms of meeting the statistical measures by which their performance is judged. It begs the question how can you pride yourself on delivery of world class service using “dollar store tools.” This goes against the definition of equality set forth in 120 which states that it means to be equal in everything. What’s even more criminal is the fact that they’re pushing these strict statistical measures like crack in the Carter without taking steps to offset the ineptitude of the computer system. They always have some bullshit excuse about how the upper mgmt is aware and is putting things in motion to address it! If they ain’t puttin’ a serious upgrade in motion then they talkin loud without sayin a muthafuckin’ thang word is bond! If I’m to be held to a virtually unattainable standard of excellence then why is mediocrity acceptable from them? People are strivin’ for bonuses, raises, and promotions while the foot of technological weakness dents their necks. In the football player example there’s no question that the man will be held accountable for his actions. Will my company? Emphatically now cipher! By who? They’ll keep makin’ bullshit excuses and runnin’ script about how they’re sorry and they understand. I don’t take that on face value. I know they don’t really care. They have us right where they want us…desperate to keep our jobs and sweatin’ under the pressure they impose. Meanwhile, they sit in meetings drinkin’ coffee and playin’ with their blackberries blamin’ the recession for their mediocrity. I don’t know about you but I don’t see equality between these two examples. There is none. For the man his mediocrity will breed war on his character, finances and career. For my company it’s peace. They’ll watch the strong survive while the weak among the ranks perish. Corporate America is beast life for real…

SV Allah


I think it’s safe to say that we all have individuals with whom we feel a special connection.  Sometimes, this person may be one that we never meet in the physical which shows and proves the transcendent nature of the threads by which we are bound.  Donny Hathaway is such a person for me.  He was God and the mathematics that cause our lives to interlock date back years before I was physically manifested on this planet.  Do the knowledge.

The God was born in C-Medina on October 1, 1945.  Note this is the same month that Allah’s Nation of Gods and Earths was manifested.  As a child, he and his ole’ Earth moved to St. Louis.  I went to college approximately wisdom cipher minutes from St. Louis in a small Illinois town called Edwardsville.  I have spent quite a bit of time in that city and have a lot of friends there.  He attended Vashon High School and if you remove the “s” and replace it with a “c” then you get my honorable name, which is Vachon.  Donny was a gifted musician as well as a masterful composer and vocalist.  These abilities began to manifest themselves early in his Q’uran.  His grand ole’ Earth taught him to play the piano and he honed his skills in church.  Although his career was short lived due to his untimely death in god born, he left a discography that will live forever.  The wisdom that he imparted in some of his songs is so representative of thoughts that I think and sentiments that I feel it’s as if he left me messages that I was destined to receive when the time was right.  I got them.

In 1969 he recorded his first hit single, “The Ghetto,” in C-Medina where I was born and raised.  This is the same year that the Father returned to the essence on the knowledge understanding day of June.  In the following year of god cipher he would record the song that introduced me to him, which was the classic, “This Christmas.” I have distinct childhood memories of waking up on Christmas morning, hearing that song, and feeling like I should get up and hurry downstairs as a result.  It has always been synonymous with said day for me and even at build years of age I knew that this man’s voice was special and tailor made to speak to me and my people.  Aside from hearing “This Christmas” every year, along with a few of the duets that he recorded with Roberta Flack on the radio, I didn’t truly begin to connect with the God until I was about wisdom understanding.  I was in a music store one day and I thought of him.  The next thing I knew, I was searching for his music just to see what was there.  I found a greatest hits cd of his and copped it.  On my way to the rest I grabbed a half pint  of cognac and was pleased to find that there was no one home.  I poured a drink, went into the bathroom and put the cd on.  In my rest my brother and I always kept a radio in the bathroom.  It was just one of those things lol.  I sat there for about an hour and a half drinking and letting this man build and I was blown away.  It wasn’t just the regality of his voice, it was also the wisdom that he manifested.  Let me give you a few examples:

“Hang on to the world, as it spins around/Just don’t let the spin get you down/

Things are movin’ fast/Hold on tight and you will last-“Someday We’ll All Be Free”

-How fast does our planet travel? ans. 1037 1/3 mph (rather similar to that god degree don’t you think?)

“Cause you know, in this whole wide world/There’s a million, a million boys and girls

Who are young, gifted and black/That’s a fact…”

“To Be Young Gifted and Black”-(sounds like the God was sayin’ that the babies are the greatest to me :o)

“If I ever leave you baby, you can say I told you so/

And if I ever hurt you, you know I hurt myself as well/

“I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”-(I hear “word is bond and bond is life”….I also hear “where knowledge and wisdom of the original man first started”

I could go on b.u.t. I think my point is made.  Donny may not have known 120 b.u.t. he certainly had a knowledge of himself.  He was in tune with the wonder of his blackness and he allowed it to pour out of his heart for all the world to see and hear.  He was a knowledge seed and had understanding seeds…all moons.  I see symbolism in that.  I’ve heard quite a few of his recordings and he sang and wrote extensively about love and relationships.  I never once heard him destroy a queen even when he built from an angle of frustration.  He always showed and proved that he was the maker, owner, and cream of the planet Earth and it was evident that he loved her accordingly.  My middle now allah master equal is Donald, as is my ole’ dad’s and he goes by Donnie, and always has because he doesn’t like his first name…the parallels just keep emerging as the God and I keep merging do they not?

The tragedy of Donny is that he returned to the essence so soon.  He died in the year that would have marked his 34th on this planet.  It was in the knowledge month of god born.  I made 34 in the wisdom month of this year.  He battled a mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia, and the story goes that he took his own life.  A shuffle through the catalogue of his music would reveal to you that he felt things deeply and I would imagine that his demons were no exception.  A friend of his recounted an instance where he had a hallucination during which he said that “there are white people after me and they’re trying to take my music.”  Although that may sound extreme, perhaps his genuine black rage at the condition of the original man in this wilderness somehow showed itself through his illness.  If you have never done the knowledge on Donny, you should.  His music is not difficult to find and if you search him on youtube you can not only hear many of his songs, but you can also see rare footage of him performing live.  There are also video portions of a special that TV One aired on him called “Unsung.” Once you check him out you will see that Donny Hathaway was God.


SV Allah