“The Asiatic Mathematics of Donny Hathaway & Me: Connection”

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I think it’s safe to say that we all have individuals with whom we feel a special connection.  Sometimes, this person may be one that we never meet in the physical which shows and proves the transcendent nature of the threads by which we are bound.  Donny Hathaway is such a person for me.  He was God and the mathematics that cause our lives to interlock date back years before I was physically manifested on this planet.  Do the knowledge.

The God was born in C-Medina on October 1, 1945.  Note this is the same month that Allah’s Nation of Gods and Earths was manifested.  As a child, he and his ole’ Earth moved to St. Louis.  I went to college approximately wisdom cipher minutes from St. Louis in a small Illinois town called Edwardsville.  I have spent quite a bit of time in that city and have a lot of friends there.  He attended Vashon High School and if you remove the “s” and replace it with a “c” then you get my honorable name, which is Vachon.  Donny was a gifted musician as well as a masterful composer and vocalist.  These abilities began to manifest themselves early in his Q’uran.  His grand ole’ Earth taught him to play the piano and he honed his skills in church.  Although his career was short lived due to his untimely death in god born, he left a discography that will live forever.  The wisdom that he imparted in some of his songs is so representative of thoughts that I think and sentiments that I feel it’s as if he left me messages that I was destined to receive when the time was right.  I got them.

In 1969 he recorded his first hit single, “The Ghetto,” in C-Medina where I was born and raised.  This is the same year that the Father returned to the essence on the knowledge understanding day of June.  In the following year of god cipher he would record the song that introduced me to him, which was the classic, “This Christmas.” I have distinct childhood memories of waking up on Christmas morning, hearing that song, and feeling like I should get up and hurry downstairs as a result.  It has always been synonymous with said day for me and even at build years of age I knew that this man’s voice was special and tailor made to speak to me and my people.  Aside from hearing “This Christmas” every year, along with a few of the duets that he recorded with Roberta Flack on the radio, I didn’t truly begin to connect with the God until I was about wisdom understanding.  I was in a music store one day and I thought of him.  The next thing I knew, I was searching for his music just to see what was there.  I found a greatest hits cd of his and copped it.  On my way to the rest I grabbed a half pint  of cognac and was pleased to find that there was no one home.  I poured a drink, went into the bathroom and put the cd on.  In my rest my brother and I always kept a radio in the bathroom.  It was just one of those things lol.  I sat there for about an hour and a half drinking and letting this man build and I was blown away.  It wasn’t just the regality of his voice, it was also the wisdom that he manifested.  Let me give you a few examples:

“Hang on to the world, as it spins around/Just don’t let the spin get you down/

Things are movin’ fast/Hold on tight and you will last-“Someday We’ll All Be Free”

-How fast does our planet travel? ans. 1037 1/3 mph (rather similar to that god degree don’t you think?)

“Cause you know, in this whole wide world/There’s a million, a million boys and girls

Who are young, gifted and black/That’s a fact…”

“To Be Young Gifted and Black”-(sounds like the God was sayin’ that the babies are the greatest to me :o)

“If I ever leave you baby, you can say I told you so/

And if I ever hurt you, you know I hurt myself as well/

“I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”-(I hear “word is bond and bond is life”….I also hear “where knowledge and wisdom of the original man first started”

I could go on b.u.t. I think my point is made.  Donny may not have known 120 b.u.t. he certainly had a knowledge of himself.  He was in tune with the wonder of his blackness and he allowed it to pour out of his heart for all the world to see and hear.  He was a knowledge seed and had understanding seeds…all moons.  I see symbolism in that.  I’ve heard quite a few of his recordings and he sang and wrote extensively about love and relationships.  I never once heard him destroy a queen even when he built from an angle of frustration.  He always showed and proved that he was the maker, owner, and cream of the planet Earth and it was evident that he loved her accordingly.  My middle now allah master equal is Donald, as is my ole’ dad’s and he goes by Donnie, and always has because he doesn’t like his first name…the parallels just keep emerging as the God and I keep merging do they not?

The tragedy of Donny is that he returned to the essence so soon.  He died in the year that would have marked his 34th on this planet.  It was in the knowledge month of god born.  I made 34 in the wisdom month of this year.  He battled a mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia, and the story goes that he took his own life.  A shuffle through the catalogue of his music would reveal to you that he felt things deeply and I would imagine that his demons were no exception.  A friend of his recounted an instance where he had a hallucination during which he said that “there are white people after me and they’re trying to take my music.”  Although that may sound extreme, perhaps his genuine black rage at the condition of the original man in this wilderness somehow showed itself through his illness.  If you have never done the knowledge on Donny, you should.  His music is not difficult to find and if you search him on youtube you can not only hear many of his songs, but you can also see rare footage of him performing live.  There are also video portions of a special that TV One aired on him called “Unsung.” Once you check him out you will see that Donny Hathaway was God.


SV Allah

  1. Emblem says:

    Peace Lord, I had to tell you that your writing is really good. Your not long winded, your flow is honest-you can tell that you don’t put on airs. Your flow is nice and natural. I encourage you to keep bringin’ it God. You have a meaningful flow, some movafuckuz write like they’re writing a manual for ‘How to put together a toaster over’. Don”t change your style G. I enjoyed this blog.

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