Equality in Mediocrity?

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Uncategorized


It has recently occurred to me that the likelihood of society holding a given perpetrator accountable for mediocrity depends, in large part, on the position of said perpetrator in the cipher in question. Consider wisdom examples. In example one, we will look at Shaun Rogers, defensive tackle of the Cleveland Browns, allah knowledge allah the latest dickhead football player to get caught up on a gun charge. This man reportedly attempted to go through airport security with a loaded pistol in one of his bags. I can’t bring myself to defend the retardation of his judgement. Furthermore, I refuse to assume that the man wasn’t raised well enough to know right from wrong. For these reasons I draw this up to him having a culture about him which is, at best, mediocre in depth and quality. Let’s face it, when you live out destroy culture, your ways and actions can be interpreted as an expression of disinterest in freedom. And, in some cases, the result can be a loss of freedom. Rogers, like his fellow young, black, NFL transgressors will be beaten with many stripes in the court of public opinion & rightfully so. However, let’s examine a different perpetuator of blatant mediocrity to see if they meet justice of comparable intensity.

The guilty party in this instance will be my justice cipher born, a company which shall remain nameless and is allegedly an industry leader in the HR world. The crime is the use and lackluster maintenance of substandard technology, manifested in antiquated software and hardware which is so pathetic and mediocre, given the nature of our work, it is almost criminal. A key corresponding offense is the outright indifference they exhibit relative to the significant impact this has on the productivity of employees in terms of meeting the statistical measures by which their performance is judged. It begs the question how can you pride yourself on delivery of world class service using “dollar store tools.” This goes against the definition of equality set forth in 120 which states that it means to be equal in everything. What’s even more criminal is the fact that they’re pushing these strict statistical measures like crack in the Carter without taking steps to offset the ineptitude of the computer system. They always have some bullshit excuse about how the upper mgmt is aware and is putting things in motion to address it! If they ain’t puttin’ a serious upgrade in motion then they talkin loud without sayin a muthafuckin’ thang word is bond! If I’m to be held to a virtually unattainable standard of excellence then why is mediocrity acceptable from them? People are strivin’ for bonuses, raises, and promotions while the foot of technological weakness dents their necks. In the football player example there’s no question that the man will be held accountable for his actions. Will my company? Emphatically now cipher! By who? They’ll keep makin’ bullshit excuses and runnin’ script about how they’re sorry and they understand. I don’t take that on face value. I know they don’t really care. They have us right where they want us…desperate to keep our jobs and sweatin’ under the pressure they impose. Meanwhile, they sit in meetings drinkin’ coffee and playin’ with their blackberries blamin’ the recession for their mediocrity. I don’t know about you but I don’t see equality between these two examples. There is none. For the man his mediocrity will breed war on his character, finances and career. For my company it’s peace. They’ll watch the strong survive while the weak among the ranks perish. Corporate America is beast life for real…

SV Allah


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