Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy God!!!!!!

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Uncategorized


The blackman is God. So the fuck what! Then what happened? Does he walk around beatin’ his chest like King Kong ain’t got nuttin’ on him? Emphatically now cipher! That greater “than thou” current is some bullshit b.u.t. it’s runnin’ rampant througout this nation. This may come off like a rule allah now truth b.u.t. so what, this is my useful electronic land self cipher I can plant what I please. I don’t have time to lose engaging in stupid ass debates about why the blackman is God. If you don’t know that shit by now then you need to go study and get ya weight up word is bond. I also don’t have time to lose conducting my self like a politician. I’m not a politician. It’s fucked up when it seems like you gotta save every email or text you ever got from a God or Earth just in case you get into it with them at some point and need evidence to show & prove. That’s some other than his own self shit. I’m not Perry Mason or Barack Obama. I’m not gonna throw darts at people in emails or back bite another person if they got a problem with me. If they show and prove they know the meaning of civilization, then we can build to destroy the cold current. If not, no problem you’ll cease to exist in my circumference, have a nice life.

It kills me how as soon as a disagreement arises all the mathematics, degrees, and peace gets tossed out of the window in favor of ego, slander, and venom. I don’t use the fact that I’m God as a sword to be held over the head of others, especially another God or Earth. I strive to deal in equality and advocate one common cause as much as possible. Even still, muthafuckas make it hard. Some of the shit that I’ve witnessed recently really makes me wanna rock a t-shirt with the wisdom degree in the 1-36 on it in big ass graffiti letters. I don’t know how the hell we’re supposed to teach freedom, justice, and equality to all human families of the planet Earth if we have yet to master it ourselves. I ain’t strivin’ to be popular, attract no asiatic entourage, or have no cheerleadin’ section cosignin’ how wise I am. I continue daily to grow as a man and as God. I continue learning how to manifest this via my OWN wisdom, not that of another person. The Father Allah was not Larry Hoover or Tookie Williams. “I put that on the Father!!!!!!” How idiotic does that sound? I don’t base my asiatic life movements on every single word he ever said or every single thing he did. I don’t bear witness to that being the purpose of him giving this to us. He gave it to us to be the best God or Earth that we could be, to civilize, and teach the babies ….period.

And while I’m on a roll, this gender oppressive bullshit is also makin’ my skin crawl. My magnetic as a man doesn’t have to manifest itself in the form of solid ice. I got healthier relationships with my ex-wisdoms than we have with our Earths. What kind of shit is that? Maybe more sisters would be attracted to this culture if we were more welcoming and less judgemental. Also, if sisters new how to receive light instead of second guessing everything God says with nothing to justify the resistance warm currents could persist. Newsflash: our shit stinks just like everybody else’s. I don’t have to scream on people when they say something that I disagree with. I also don’t immediately look for someone else to agree with me so that me and that person can “bomb” the other person. I ain’t no fuckin’ Tuskeegee Airman so fuck droppin bombs. The reason I’m not on myspace & facebook is because that’s not my thing. If it’s your thing then that’s peace. I just don’t like all of that bickering and fighting over nothin’. I’m sick of this build now so I’m leavin’ as I came.

SV Allah

  1. Serenity says:

    Well Said God! I have been feeling the same way now a days. Sometimes you just want to have some time away from the Cipher. Jokers will get on your nerves!


  2. Allah Universal says:

    This is Right & Exact, on point, & every other way it can be said!
    Needed to be said…Peace!

  3. Peace 7,

    Thanks for the head’s up with the science of life jump off. Sorry about the initial reply. Still trying to get used to this phone. Anyway, just shouting u out. Peace!!

    Saladin (Chris)

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