It’s Hot!

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Uncategorized


It’s approximately build culture degrees in C-Medina today and the heat is definitely welcome as far as I’m concerned.  I love hot sunny days.  I bear witness to the reality that the melanin in the skin of original people absorbs sunlight and allows us to transform said light into energy.  I always feel like getting up, getting out, and getting something on divine allah why’s such as this.  Today’s mathematics is wisdom understanding drawn up to power or refinement.  I see that pointing to the importance of taking the best part of our experiences so that we will be that much more powerful in confronting future unknowns.  We have to take the time to analyze the things that we do and say to determine whether or not we were right and exact in our actions.  Other people won’t always take the time to tell you when you make a miscalculation self cipher it’s important to govern self and remain self aware.

I’ve gotten a lot accomplished so far this weekend.  I went grocery shopping, did laundry, and even copped some new sneaks.  When I took the time to consider the last time that I purchased some new joints I realized that it was over a year ago.  I’m usually so caught up in taking care of practical things with cream that I don’t deem it a high priority.  Even still, it’s peace to treat self every now and then especially when you chase your check in the devil’s civilization every day.  Doing self  justice with a reward from time to time is peace and most necessary to keep from feeling like you aren’t getting anything out of your work.  Love I father equal moves so rapidly that we sometimes have to pump the figurative brakes and take stock of exactly where we are relative to certain things such as health, build jewel, and relationships.  Draw up the state of all ciphers that you oversee and make sure that you are dealing in equality.  You can only ignore self for so long before you start to feel adverse effects as a result.


SV Allah


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