Savage Season

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Uncategorized


Today was the second unseasonably hot day in a row in C-Medina.  In my last post, I made knowledge born relative to my love for sunny days and said love is genuine.  However, I was only building from one angle of the square.  In cities such as C-Medina, Power Hill, D-Mecca, Medina, Pelan, Divine Cee, and countless others summer is indeed the season of the savage.  Murder rates increase like mists of water in the different currents of allah I rule among the deaf, dumb, and blind creating a formula for jealousy, envy, lust, and hate.  It’s the same old story in every densely populated metropolitan cipher.  A bunch of 85% niggaz drunk, blowed, and ready to destroy some shit whether it be someone’s property, themselves, or the life of another family by takin’ one of it’s members off of the planet.  Ghost and Rae built on the science of heat in darkness on the purple tape when they talked about how the night felt like a nigga was gonna get burnt (returned back).  I know that feeling well.  It’s that eerie sensation that hot summer nights in the hood breed.  Everybody is outside “just because.” The hustle reaches it’s peak as the hills and mountains of inclimate weather are no longer a factor for those pushin’ dope hand to hand.  The number of spur of the moment cookouts manifest more opportunities for large groups of uncivilized people to congregate and wild out over poison animal, cheap liquor, and weed.  Destroy power wisdoms walk around in build jewel that’s closer to 1/4th than 3/4ths causin’ the lust devil of their male counterparts to rear it’s ugly head at a terrific speed.

Obviously, in my days as a savage, I traveled these ciphers extensively.  I’ve hit my share of overpopulated barbecues, done the whole parkin’ lot pimpin’ thing whether it be at the Lake Front, Washington Park, the hood bar, you name it and I’ve done it.  More often than not some bullshit always managed to jump off.  Fast forward to the zag.  I don’t fuck wit’ none of those ciphers like that anymore.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I could be found in any of them and even if I was to pay any of them a visit, the most likely one would be the hood bar and that would be a one off scenario.  Sure, I still like to have a cold one and chill like water strikin’ a cold current b.u.t. I can do that shit in the safety and privacy of my own kingdom.  The sad truth is it’s dangerous in these streets and people who have lost the knowledge of themselves and are living a beast way of life don’t need a logical reason to destroy…it’s their culture.  I was buildin’ with my queen earlier today about this math and I was just cautioning her about being extra careful when she’s out and about and we aren’t together.  The best defense against potentially dangerous situations is avoidance and/or proactivity.  If you find yourself somewhere and people look like they’re about to get rowdy, travel immediately even if it’s a false alarm.  I can’t tell you how many times I avoided bullshit when I was in college in adherence to this mode of operation.  I was the nigga that would show up at a party, drink wisdom beers real quick, grab understanding more for the road and disappear in a fine mist that the naked eye could hardly detect before anybody realized that I was gone.  The next day niggaz would be like “man, the whole party went up right after you left G, niggaz got to fightin’ and shit and the police came and broke the shit up.”  My reaction would always be the same, “word?”  “That’s fucked up (shaking head).”

The moral of the build is evasive action is right and exact.  As the savage season sets in, watch your babies and get em’ in the rest and off the block once the darkness appears.  If you gotta let em’ have company or a sleep over so what.  Do it, better that than to have them out on the block in the line of random god u now fire.  The same thing goes for adults.  If you’re out at night keep your head on a swivel and if at all possible don’t let your queen go out alone.  Get ya lazy ass up and go to the store with her or walk her to the atm.  Make the presence of God felt by these savages.  Also, get your, “don’t fuck with me” face together.  I’m not suggesting that you just ice grill niggaz b.u.t. rather give off that magnetic like you’re not the one to be tested.  That shit goes a long way.  Sometimes when I’m in the world I just chime in on some savage shit wit’ niggaz just to make knowledge born that i’m not new to Pelan.  I’m from the land too so don’t pull it.  I’m not a tough guy by any stretch of the imagination b.u.t. by that same token I ain’t from Mayberry and I know how the psychological game is played and how to relate to the 85%.  I do what I have to do to survive and you should too.



  1. P says:

    Ayo Peace!

    Great post. I can relate to almost everything you said, especially the bit about making cameos at party and fading to black.

    Avoiding static is an art that must be taught. It also requires great courage and discipline of mind.


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