God vs. Devil: 7 1/2oz vs. 6oz

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When dealing with the science of everything in life, it’s important to have a mind that is open.  If you allow yourself to be roped and bound by traditional theory or thought relative to a given subject then you are essentially setting a limit for your potential understanding of said subject as opposed to pushing said limit, if there is one.  Knowledge wisdom cipher is beautifully interpretive because within the degrees exists infinite potential analysis of virtually anything.  Part of the reason that we use the solar system to draw up certain concepts is because it is scientifically necessary to study that which is above in order to understand what is below.  Conversely, we must also breakdown and analyze the microcosmic components of life to see how they come together to form the building blocks of the macrocosmic world around us.  When the history of the universe is reverse engineered, a variety of aspects come into play that the scientists of academia do not comprehend.  Ironically, asiatic scientists tend not to run into such difficulty.  The question is, why?  The answer is one that has multiple facets the first and most critical of which is that we know who the true and living god is.  He is Allah, the supreme being, the black man of Asia.  The fact that we bare witness to this connection between the original man and Allah allows us to understand the backdrop within which this world was manifested as well as the succession of events which brought it about.

The understanding wisdom degree in the meat lesson reveals that the devil has 6oz of grafted brains while the original man has  7 1/2 oz of original brain cells.  We can all agree that in terms of dominant original characteristics, God is good and devil is evil, or God represents positive and devil represents negative.  Now this is not to say that the opposite polar characteristic can’t be observed within either entity.  In other words, God can manifest negativity just as the devil can manifest positivity.  The key point is that each pole of the positive negative spectrum has a corresponding embodiment (God=+ & devil=-).  Prior to the material world that we know, there was a battle between the two entities.  When the Big Bang took place and the first matter was manifested it’s polar opposite, anti-matter was also manifested.  Equal quantities of the two would cancel each other out, thereby destroying them both.  We will view the “bang,” or initial explosion itself, as knowledge being made born.  Within that process, the wisdom of this battle had to play out in order for the result, or understanding to be manifested.  When this clash between positive and negative took place, it is a scientific fact that positive emerged as the victor because for every billion particles of anti-matter there was a billion and one particles of matter.  Majority rules.  From then until now, that gap has always existed and that god allah power made it possible for Allah to be seen and heard everywhere as the universe began it’s expansion.  Scientists assert that this battle took place within the first 3 minutes of the Big Bang’s explosion.  That leaves just enough room for the formative supreme mathematical equation of  (knowledge+wisdom=understanding) to calculate.  That 1 particle gap between matter and anti-matter is similar to the 1.5 oz gap between the brain of the original man and the colored man.  It is also synonymous with the approximate 1% genetic characteristic difference between the original man and the colored man. The anti-matter was a step behind matter because it is a grafted byproduct of  it’s predecessor.   With that distance of one unit being calculated into the mathematics of the universal order it doesn’t matter how long the devil rules the planet because the understanding build degree shows and proves that within “one” day Allah can come and destroy the devil without falling victim to his civilization.

The scientific community estimates that 70% of the matter in the universe is dark matter.  They also willfully admit that they have no idea what this dark matter is made up of, nor do they know what it’s purpose is.  They are relatively confident that it represents a property of space.  The first thing that jumps out to me is that this dark matter, along with it’s counterpart dark energy is dark or devoid of light.  This concept baffles the minds of physicists and cosmologists alike even though it’s not really all that definitive.  Here’s why.  First of all, god cipher percent draws up to God which immediately speaks to who these things are properties of.  Also, the Big Bang itself shows and proves that light can ultimately emerge from darkness just as it did when this explosion manifested the necessary heat and friction to ultimately create light and the stars that emit it.  In other words, a dark source has shown itself to be capable of not only bringing about light, but also of absorbing it.  Every original man is such a source.  Dark energy is said to be pushing things away from us in space and if this continues, the universe could be destroyed.  Of course this would only be the case if the universe had bounds and to this point that has yet to be proven.  There are also those who theorize that ours is just one of many universes and that black holes could represent portals through which other parallel universes could be found.  Who’s to say?  What I see is the common denominator of blackness/ darkness holding the key to these perceptual doorways.  Black, dark, …self :oD.

http://www.zshare.net/video/75438513e4af54e0/ ( do the knowledge on “How the Universe Works pt. 1”) The full series can be viewed here: http://www.zshare.net/video/75438513e4af54e0/


SV Allah


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