Asiatic I.D.

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Uncategorized


I was on my way home from the justice meditating on the knowledge degree in the 1-10.  I considered the god different ways that the original man is described ( asiatic, black, maker, owner, cream, father, god).  These seven identifiers remind us who and what we are as well as what we must always show and prove ourselves to be.  They are synonymous with the seven points of the 7 on our universal flag.  The title of God can be difficult to live up to at times.  Regardless, you’re either said person of that ability or you aren’t.  There’s no handbook or prescribed set of do’s and don’ts.  We all have our unique self-styled wisdom through which we manifest this.  Knowledge wisdom cipher is the great equalizer.  The degrees help us to separate the true and livin’ from the pretenders, at least to some degree.  The actual proof is in the wisdom.  The only way to determine if one is true and livin’ is to build with them, walk with them, and observe their ways and actions.  The first wisdom dimensions of the original man’s make-up (asiatic and black) represent characteristics that we enter this world with.  We have no control over being asiatic or black because we are descended from a long line of such individuals.  However, once we get to “maker” we deal with action that we set forth ourselves.  This is when we start dealing with the science of causation.  Once we make something, whether is be a mess, an Earth, a baby, whatever we have to take ownership of it.  The wisdom through which we made said thing or situation manifest yields proof that it’s ours so we can’t deny it or shun responsibility for it.

Upon assuming ownership, we begin to show and prove.  Sure, we may falter from time to time b.u.t. we get up and keep risin’ to the top under the Doug E. Fresh act, showin’ and provin’ cream of the planet Earth.  As we progress in life, we travel through many ciphers and wield influence accordingly.  If we’re right and exact then we conduct ourselves with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, and refinement thereby fathering civilization.  The more in touch we are with our ability to manifest equality to all human families of the planet Earth by way of these first six dimensions, the closer we come to being God of the universe.  Things don’t define God, for God defines things.  We say what we have to say and do what we have to do.  That God magnetic is palpable.  Even when the 85% don’t quite know how to categorize it, they recognize it.  It’s that asiatic I divine :oD.


SV Allah

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