They Don’t Know…

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Uncategorized


The Nation of Gods and Earths is one that is highly misunderstood to say the least. Although there have been many articles published about us in magazines and on the web, most who attempt to draw us up are not successful in said undertaking, at least not in a comprehensive fashion anyway. This fact is one that I find troubling, primarily because it results in what could in many instances be categorized as gross misrepresentations of who and what we are. Simply put, like DMX said, “they don’t know who we be.” I have read countless descriptions of the NGE set forth by a variety of sources such as hip-hop writers, authors who are not part of this nation, and scholars from mainstream academia, just to name a few. One of the most common inaccuracies to be found in the typical description of our culture is that we function according to a system of beliefs. Nothing could be farther from right or exact. Actually, the viability and validity of our nation, from what we teach to what we manifest, is predicated upon showing and proving. This is not to imply that Gods and Earths never say anything that is untrue, or fail to show and prove, although typically this is more of a miscalculation than a lack of effort among the true and living. However, Supreme Mathematics, which is the cornerstone of our culture, includes refinement alongside power for the express purpose of reminding us to constantly polish our understanding of what we know to be truth as we study the science of everything in life, perpetually striving to uncover further truths.

The second of the more prevalent faulty tendencies of those who choose to write about us is the viewing of our culture through religious glasses. Seeking to manifest an accurate analysis of the culture via this method is a flawed approach. The reason being that you can’t use the same standards by which you judge a system of belief as a means of appraising a philosophical worldview that is based on its antithesis, which is knowledge. To do so is to essentially stack the deck against the culture and arrive at biased conclusions. It’s also worth mentioning that many of the culprits in these situations are religious people or at least religious sympathizers who believe God to be a spook that cannot be seen with the physical eye. That is, if they acknowledge the existence of God at all. I have yet to come across any truly objective analysis of what we are about by anyone that’s not part of our Nation. If there is one in existence, I beg your pardon, I never heard of any. This begs the question, “what would it take for such a work to be produced by such an individual?” I assert that it would require said person to formulate a systematic body of scientific truths with which they can effectively either refute what we deal with or show and prove it’s validity to themselves. For those of us who are initiated, the latter would obviously represent the undertaking in which they are most likely to be successful. Anyone who attempts the first suggestion only to fail and distill back from whence they came, would be wise to let the 5% teach them and stop taking the teachings of the 10% on face value.

The average so-called scholar from the world of academia, will spend years, months, and days studying one particular science in order to become proficient enough, in whatever branch of it they choose, to either teach it or perform work in a field that relies on it. This type of work is generally rather time consuming and therefore does not leave space and opportunity for intense study of other sciences. Take for example an obstetrician vs a chiropractor. There is very little overlap of note between the two fields of expertise. If your back hurts you will be searching for that which does not exist by seeking a diagnosis from an obstetrician. Conversely, you certainly would not be wise to have prenatal care facilitated by a chiropractor. Within the science of medicine, each practitioner is roped and bound by the nuances of their respective fields. Any overlap that would exist would be nominal at best. Gods and Earths on the other hand, at least those of us who are true and living, push our envelope of study constantly as we draw up the science of everything in life. We do so not only to continually elevate ourselves b.u.t. also to increase our qualification to do our duty which is to teach civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self and the science of everything in life. Everything is the operative word in that sequence showing and proving that no science is exempt. Note, that we have mastered three sciences before we even approach that most expansive and comprehensive mental territory attempting to teach it. I would dare to say that gives us a head start on the average scholar particularly in terms of ability to teach things that yield a high degree of practical application value in everyday life as opposed to a lab or lecture hall setting. The moral of the build is, “they don’t know who we be.”

SV Allah

  1. Peaxe 7! Wonderfully said!!!!!

  2. Chris Golden says:

    Very well said. I’m glad you chose to speak up on this, because it’s a trend that I’ve been starting to notice myself.

  3. Wise Earth says:

    Magnificent Jewels!

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