The Cops

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized


I’ve often given thought to the perception of the police held by most original people, particularly those who rest in densely populated metropolitan areas. My experiences with them have varied in nature, but the common theme has generally been the same. I don’t like them and I don’t trust them. I will admit, that I have come across some cool ones, and I’ve even been given a pass or two by a few in situations that could have gone much worse for me were it not for their leniency. Regardless, my overall experience has been negative and between racial profiling and general harassment for being black, I don’t see the relationship changing any time soon. My biggest problem with the cee ciphers is that they gang bang unnecessarily. It doesn’t take understanding patrol cars to give one nigga a ticket. If the nigga is being cooperative, has legitimate plates, license, and insurance what the fuck do you need back up for? This phenomenon has become especially prevalent in the last power years or so. As a matter of fact, a traffic stop shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes once the aforementioned information is verified, either a ticket or warning should be issued and officer so and so should keep it movin’.

The next issue that I have with the police is their notoriously bad timing. Have you ever noticed how they’re never around when some bullshit is happening but their stumbling over each other to clear people off the block and question people who aren’t breaking any laws. My younger physical has shared multiple stories with me about how they’ll roll up on the block, put everybody on the car, search the whole group, and randomly pick the two or three who will go to jail. Mind you, having some shit on you is not a prerequisite for selection. Now I must say that my brother does hang out in some areas where he probably shouldn’t be so visible and he has a record, so when they run his name plenty of filthy affairs will come up. However, if we’re living in a society in which the police can just ask you what you’re doing and where you’re going, and then haul that ass in without probable cause then this is a police state. I’m fortunate to be able to say that I’ve never been arrested although I’ve come close on multiple occasions. I have some friends on the force so they certainly aren’t all bad. The biggest problem I see is that they don’t always know how to relate to the people who live in the areas they are patrolling. The young white ones are the worst, especially the detectives. They can’t wait to find a bag of weed, crack, or a pistol on a nigga so they can take him to jail. The 85% definitely bring a lot of hard times on themselves with their savage ways and actions but that doesn’t justify unethical treatment on the part of law enforcement. I respect the fact that they have a tough job to do but I know it can be done without mastering the original man. Then again, in some respects I suppose that’s what they’re paid to do.

SV Allah


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