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Love. Enigmatic, amorphous, trying, rewarding, intense…all of the above and more apply. I would dare to say that most people don’t really know what love is because they haven’t taken the time to study it, experience it, or truly invest in it with all they have and all within their power. Love is a test of the heart and mind through which the straws that bind us to those that we hold most dear become a cocoon within which trial and tribulation will beat us with many stripes, forcing us to show and prove our hearts to be just and true. It’s powerful and overwhelming. It’s forceful and deep. There are innumerable levels upon which it is manifested and expressed. The love between mother and child is unique. The love between siblings has it’s own currents of air. The seemingly most volatile form is that which materializes between a man and a woman. One distinction that must be made is the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. Fuck what you heard, there’s a difference…observe. There are plenty of people in relationships who love one another but aren’t in love. They live under the same roof, share joint financial interests, and even spend obligatory weekends taking in dinner and a movie or visiting each other’s families. However, they may or may not be happy and wouldn’t necessarily be devastated if the relationship came to an end. In many cases they cheat on each other because they are getting something from the person on the side that they aren’t getting at home. And, if the two of them did part ways, the love could still persist. I still love the last two wisdoms that I was in relationships with and I always will, but I have no desire to be with them because our flame fizzled out.

When you’re “in love” with someone, you’re dealing with a completely different level of high explosives. This is that current that causes you to think of them before you think of self. You do things for them with the dual purpose of making them happy while extracting the pleasure of having done so as the best part that you preserve for yourself. When people are in love, it’s palpable and cannot be concealed. Other people can detect it and the lovers don’t care. The fact that people who are in love, love each other is a given, however there’s an elevated intensity to it. Here’s an example to illustrate what I mean. When I was with my last queen she went out of town for her family reunion and was gone for the weekend. I was left with keys to her rest and I enjoyed every minute of the solitude. When she returned, she asked me if I missed her. I paused, thought for a second, and said, “No. I love you, but I didn’t miss you.” I know that sounds crass, but it was the honest truth. I was too busy enjoying the by myself current to consider being displeased by her absence. Fast forward to the zag. I miss my current queen constantly. If we don’t talk at least once during the course of the day I don’t feel right. Every time I see her face or watch her walk feels just like the first time. I willingly take less so that she can have more, even when she doesn’t ask me to or tries to stop me. If she asks for knowledge cipher dollars I give her knowledge power off general purpose…just because that’s what I do. Without divulging plot twists from the personal chapters of our Quran, I can tell you that we’ve endured some things that were so rough that they shook me to the absolute core of my being, but I’m still here and still in love. The single life doesn’t make the same type of demands on a person that a relationship does. Relationships put your back against the wall and force you to show forth your power. If you aren’t said person of the ability required to balance your companion out then the relationship will distill back from whence it came.

I love hard and I’m not ashamed to say it. In my view, life is a sensational interactive experience which is most organic when you swim in it. You can’t make it 9000 miles if you spend years, months, and days just dipping your feet in the shallow end of it. Dive in and make a splash. Trial and tribulation are training units for triumph. At times you will hurt like you never thought you could. Other times you’ll know joy that you thought you never would. That’s build or destroy which is the infinite cipher of change and the principle of duality that pervades life on every level. Mastery of the rhythmic pendulum swing is the challenge…meet it head on.



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