The Trader and His Inter-Orientation…

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized


I was just struck by the urge to deal with today’s degree in the 1-36 because there’s a lot of gold in the degree when you take the time to examine it. The wisdom build or destroy degree speaks on how “the trader made an inter-orientation, saying that they would receive more gold…” I’m fully aware that some copies of 120 have the word interpretation b.u.t. since mine has inter-orientation that’s the science I’m dealing with. The prefix “inter” means between or among and orientation is a process of introducing people to a given cipher and the nuances of how it works. In the case of the trader, he disrupted the way that the original man’s labor was rewarded and replaced it with a false concept by which the reward would seem more handsome. The easiest way to lie and steal from a group of people is through infiltration of their social equality to such a degree that you gain their trust. Once the trust is gained, influence can be wielded and mastery can ensue. This concept plays itself out in a variety of ciphers in the wilderness of North America. One of the most devastating inter-orientations that the devil ever executed was the emasculation and devaluation of the original man in the minds of original women. Over the course of the last power decades or so, as sisters have won more liberties and risen to new levels of independence, the devil has convinced them that if they focus all of their energy on their careers and concentrate on competing with black men as opposed to building with them, they can receive more gold. In some cases this is true but the question is at what cost? There are thousands of successful black women in America who have great careers and are financially wealthy yet they are alone. The reason being that they never took the time to learn how to appreciate the original man who could complete the cipher. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies the second destructive by-product of this trick-knowledge…weak ass men.

After generations of original men have been raised by their mothers and grandmothers there is now a surplus of underachieving weaklings who lack the ambition and drive to match that of their female counterparts. Consequently, you have good women taking care of broke nothing ass men. These men are so overcome by the inferiority complex bred by the gap in socioeconomic status that they foolishly believe their dicks to be the equalizing force that can balance the scales of a relationship. The truth is, not hardly, no pun intended :o). Once the devil was able to “inter” (enter) the psyche of our sisters with a deprecating concept of us and bury it there, the stage was set for the second phase of his savage plan. This involved allowing her to inter (enter) his social equality in the academic and corporate worlds. Sure, the queens go through their share of trials and tribulations but it’s much easier for them to penetrate these ciphers and flourish because they’ve had access to the training grounds and don’t make the colored man feel as threatened as the original man does. That’s because the devil knows that if he controls our women he can control at least 85% of us, as well as our babies because they learn from the women. It’s difficult to overstate the diabolical nature of this engineered crisis and it’s effectiveness over the past approximate 50 years or so. In order to reverse polarity on it, we have to employ a similar tactic with a different determined idea. The Gods have to break that weak and wicked shit down and show and prove who the original man truly is. Gradually, we can undermine our devaluation and restore the strength of the black family structure. If we don’t, no one will.

SV Allah

  1. U. Amar Allah says:

    Inter-Orientation is not a word !!!

    • svallah says:

      Peace God,

      You are correct, inter-orientation is not a word, and cannot be found in the dictionary. For that matter, neither are half the slang “words” which make their way into the vernacular common to given ciphers. Even still, once we attach meaning to such words they become tools by which we can convey thoughts. So, although many in our nation have “interpretation” in their degree, along with a corresponding understanding, there are others, such as myself, who have inter-orientation. I made a conscious decision to leave my degree as it is (and was given to me) because I see the best part in it. The prefix “inter” has meaning as does the word orientation, as such, in my judgement, by merging them you can manifest meaning.


  2. Sha great supreme God allah says:

    Peace almighty the light you shared is to simulate life and matter. Continue to do so. Peace my alike

  3. Peaceful17 says:

    Peace. Is there a way u can email me? thank u God

  4. Peace God. The mental food you are serving is serious. Thoroughly diggin it

    • svallah says:

      Peace 17!

      I appreciate the feedback. When Allah’s Mathematics is in motion, wondrous things tend to occur :oD


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