Preme vs. His Old Earth: Round 3 “The Black Man is God”

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized


Last night I had my third official debate with my ole’ Earth regarding the black man being god, and why the black woman is not. Now I know what you must be thinkin’…”You started it didn’t you Preme??” Emphatically now cipher! Word is bond I didn’t kick it off (LOL) there was a lead up to the debate which is critical to the story so do the knowledge. I called the queen a few minutes past the build hour last night because we hadn’t spoke in a few days. After we chatted about some regular family math, she took the conversation in a more asiatic direction, which was fine by me. First, she asked me if I knew who Supreme from the infamous Supreme Team out of Queens was, to which I replied, “Indeed.” It turns out she was doin’ the knowledge on the American Gangster episode where they profiled him and talked a little bit about the NGE. She said she found it interesting and started asking me a few questions. I was more than willing to answer them and I did.

The next turn the conversation took was based on a conversation she had with a brother who was out at her rest doin’ some work. She made a religious comment about how “God” woke her up that morning and the brother asked what God had to do with it. This prompted her to ask, “What religion are you?” When he asked what made her inquire, she confirmed that she was curious based on his prior statement. He went on to say that he was part of the NOI. So they built on various subjects until she told him that her son was a 5%er. He said that he was familiar with us and told her that the Father was originally a muslim before he “got kicked out the nation.” At this point, I calmly interjected to address that notion. While I admitted that there are those who speculate that he was kicked out for teaching that the black man is God, I stated that I am unaware of anyone who has shown and proven this definitively because there are multiple conflicting stories surrounding his departure. I made it clear to her the distinct differences between us (the Gods & Earths) and them (the NOI) but I also told her that we’re peace with them. That’s when the build became more animated. She asked why we refer to Allah as the Father and I said because he’s the person that founded our nation and made knowledge born to the first nine born, who in turn added on. Just to be clear, although we did get loud there was no cold current, as a matter of fact the build was rather tame compared to how we can get when we’re angry :o).

After she referred to us as a religion multiple times I had to correct her although I did bear witness to the fact that there are some parallels between our culture and religion which are undeniable. Finally, she says, “Well I have a problem with the idea that a man can be God but I can’t. Why can’t I be God?” Of course at this point I went into full blown show & prove mode. I took her through the demystification of words such as “God” & “Allah.” I then asked her if she could show and prove any instance in major religious doctrine, in which God was referred to in a feminine light. She sidestepped that. Next, I took her to the trusty biological science of the XY chromosomes & how there was no way that man could be created by woman, nor they could be biological equals because the derivitive never equals the original. I made it clear that this is NOT gender oppressive teaching but she wasn’t trying to hear it. Her defense was, “that’s the same sexist teaching perpetuated in all religions and schools of thought.” I assumed no responsibility for any nation other than my own. While wilfully admitting that there is a gender oppressive under current running through our nation within certain ciphers, I stood firm on this irrefutable science. It’s not my fault that the order of the universe dictates that the sex determining chromosome comes from the man showing and proving who came from who. I went on to say that the whole gender oppresive argument was weak because there are too many intelligent women in the world for one of them not to have disproved the reality of the black man being God, having replaced it with a more plausible idea placing a female god at the top of the totem pole (if it could be done). I also pointed out how the feminist movement drew original women into a fight that wasn’t theirs, which brought about the battle of the sexes we see today in the black community.

When I told her that the original woman is Earth she said, “That’s all we get to be is Earth?” (LOL! SMH) I told her that to devalue the Earth is to show a lack of understanding. In the end we agreed to disagree, said we loved each other, and ended the call. My ole Earth will never bear witness to the true and living God but that won’t stop me from buildin’ with her. I got her right where I want her :o). I’m breakin’ her down slowly.

SV Allah

  1. Wise Earth says:

    Peace God,

    I studied with the divine Nation for Wisdom years…off and on that is…My educator and I had the same problem. He refuse to go any further with me in the lessons until I was able to acknowledge his position and not question it. I informed him that he sounded kinda “spooky” to me. Well…we got into a heated argument and after calling me a b.i.t.c.h (u do tha math) we parted ways and I was left with some ill feelings about how women are ceen in the Nation. My physical degree is Understanding Build, Im continuing my education in Psychology. Building with Gods and Earths (wheneva I can find an Earth that will build with me) helps me grasp a better understanding of my classes. Do u actually think that the woman is a weaker sex? And why?

    • svallah says:

      Peace Queen,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I enjoy hearing about the experiences of others with this knowledge although I will that you won’t ever again meet such a cold current that the b-word comes into play. I certainly don’t condone that, especially from one who is supposed to be civilized. As far as freezing your advancement in the lessons until you bare witness to the black man being God, he was actually right and exact. Here’s why, that’s not only one of the foundational principles of what we teach, it’s also the most controversial. Since 120 charges you with the duty of teaching it to others, you have to have supreme confidence in the truth of it in order to manifest it to others. I realize that the shackle of the “mystery god concept” can be difficult to break. Regardless, if the Gods must do it then so must the Earths, showing and proving equality in supreme mathematics. Knowledge is anything that is accepted as truth after having been subjected to rigorous proof. Study of the black man as God through science, history, and mathematics yields such proof and in order for the lessons to resonate and attach themselves to your consciousness, you have to be able to see this truth in your mind in order to continue elevating to the point where you can see yourself in it. The degrees yield quite a bit of insight relative to the original woman once you understand them. However, it takes a God who is patient, swift, and diligent enough to convey it to a Queen. Part of the reason why this is so difficult is because many Gods are too overzealous to cram the information into your head to take the time to show and prove every step of the way while walking you through each degree. Trust me when I tell you that every God is not said person of that ability, at least not immediately.

      Concepts such as male chauvinism and feminism have diluted, mixed, and tampered with our ability to exist in harmony without competing with one another. Man and woman are not in competition, because a woman is part of a man. When a man can see himself when he looks at his woman, he bears witness to the fact that she came from him so he treats her as part of himself. Biologically speaking, man has XY chromosomes and women have XX. Procreation is synonymous with the following equation which we can apply: knowledge+wisdom=understanding (man+woman=child). Before the universe was manifested there was no-body or no-thing, there was just Allah existing as undifferentiated universal black mind (knowledge). Upon gaining knowledge of himself and becoming self aware, he discovered various aspects of self which he wanted to experience. In order to make this manifest, he replicated self in the form of the original man. From that original man, he extracted the feminine aspect (represented by the X chromosome) and brought it forth through the creation of the original woman (wisdom). In order to born the best part, which is the original child (understanding) the knowledge or the one, which became two, reunited with the other aspect of self, which is wisdom. And when he makes knowledge born to her, they combine to bring forth the understanding. This isn’t gender oppressive teaching it’s just the order of the universe.

      As far as your question, strength and weakness are relative terms which is why I don’t like to compare the sexes according to such qualities. We are each strong and weak in different areas. Even still, by design the man is supposed to be at the center of a truly divine cipher. Unfortunately, most original women have never seen this shown and proven in their lives so they harbor a very critical and value depleted perception of the original man. A lot of that is our own doing based on the savage ways and actions that many men perpetuate toward you which feed the negative stigma that we carry as a group. I draw the woman up to be the complimentary sex because that’s what she was manifested to be. Without one, a man is not complete because he has yet to reunite with the other original part of himself. Women are stronger in some ciphers and it’s that strength that makes her the most important person that he needs to have in support of him. Here’s an example. Women cry much more frequently than men because they express their feelings much more freely. It’s socially acceptable, so there’s no shame in it. For this reason, crying is restorative for them and they recover from a good cry easily. Men aren’t nearly as emotionally strong which is why we hide our emotions and try to drown them with liquor, weed, or whatever else helps us to escape them. Not only is it not as socially acceptable for men to cry, we don’t do it very often because if we do it means that we are hurt or moved in a way that makes us uncomfortable. Although I feel better after I calm down from distilling, if I do that means I’m really not in a good place that’s why it’s so visually ugly when we cry. We aren’t nearly as adept at processing and dealing with our feelings. This makes women the powerful nurturers that they are. So you see, if we each focus on being the best God/Earth or Man/Woman that we can be and embrace our respective roles, then we can understand, appreciate, and accept them.

      SV Allah

      • Wise Earth says:

        Peace God,

        Due to lack of sleep, as well as substantial evidence to back my argument, I’ll stand.

        – Agree to Disagree

        Peace for now…

  2. Wise Earth says:

    By the way I love ur builds and read ur blogs often : )


  3. Wise Earth says:

    Peace God,

    U have rendered this Earth speechless…well versed! I think I’m able to cee things clearer now than I could then. Maybe its because I’ve transitioned since. I’ve even removed my “armor”. Such baggage can weigh heavily on ones consciousness. I was merely drawing off emotions in my builds with tha God. Couldnt stand having him raising his voice at me Im simply not da one, or two ; ) for such foolishness.

    I’m truly looking forward to many more of ur builds b.u.t. before I travel….
    If woman is a manifestation of man then why do u think we possess the two main chromosomes required to sustain life and u (God) have only the one…that is to say, a child born possessing Y Y chromosome is unheard of…it cannot happen the X chromosome is needed for life, not even in aborted fetuses have only a Y, YY or YYY chromosome have ever been witnessed. Now there are however the XYY, XXY even XYX (the order of the X and Y doesnt matter because the Y chromosome will always yield a male child). Its important to note that in some cases, children containing extra chromosomes will have some type of mental disorder, infertility, acne, or the more common, down syndrome but not always.

    Now, an infant born with XXX or even a single X can actually survive outside the womb. Sometimes with no real adverse affects…lemme reiterate IN SOME cases there are no adverse affects In some instances they may be mentally unstable but they can survive and sometimes lead normal lives. Nonetheless the X chromosome is the deciding factor for life…… I’ll leave this build right here for the moment b.u.t. Im very interested in hearing what u have to say. I must travel to the store and get more ink for my printer….many papers to finish for class Monday. Oh and be sure and tell ur Old Earth I said P.E.A.C.E!

    Anticipating ur response


    • svallah says:

      Peace Queen,

      To answer your question, we have to consider a couple of things. With regard to the chromosomal aspect, it typically takes 46 chromosomes (23 from the man & 23 from the woman) to make a healthy baby. True indeed there are genetic anomalies or exceptions but these are outliers that mathematics accounts for with concepts such as the butterfly effect and chaos theory. These are mathematical concepts that essentially speak to random occurrences within a process of a system, which take place even when all typical variables are held constant. Loosely put, this shows and proves that shit happens :o). That being said, this is the key. Both chromosomes originate within the body of the original man because he was the first human being to ever be manifested. Also, regardless to which chromosome dictates the sex of the child, said sex determining chromosome always comes from the man. This brings us to some important conclusions, the first of which is that man couldn’t have come from woman because she can’t give birth to a child for which she doesn’t possess the necessary material for production, said material being the Y chromosome. Also, although she possesses two X chromosomes the one that actually makes her a woman is the sex determining X that her ole Earth receives from her ole’ Dad when she is conceived because with the woman being the receptive entity in the equation and the man being the contributory entity that second X could have only come from that one place (man). So if there were women here before men then the genetic material to make man wouldn’t exist and he therefore wouldn’t exist. Conversely, since the original man was manifested with the genetic material necessary to create both male and female this shows and proves him to be the maker, owner, cream of the planet Earth, father of civilization, and God of the universe. When we demystify the word God and realize that he’s a MAN, it becomes easier to digest because we all know that man is flawed. Gods with understanding bear witness to this reality and therefore don’t carry themselves in a smug “greater than thou” fashion. This teaching is not rocket science because everything is real. What’s critical is the ability to take hard science and filter it through the lense of our cultural worldview so that it can distill back in a form that is digestable to the average person regardless of their level of understanding.

      Additionally, there are a multiplicity of societal factors which make this much more difficult for the original woman to accept than it should be. I don’t have any delusions of grandeur by which I expect to just be able to show and prove this idea and expect that the black woman will say peace and let that be that LOL. I’m not stupid enough to expect that to happen. I’m not per se talking about you specifically but I’m rather speaking in general terms. One of the biggest reasons for this is that most people consider material things to be the substance of life when in actuality consciousness is the true substance of life. Most women appraise a man by what she can tangibly detect him to possess such as his car, house, money etc. It doesn’t matter how wise or swift he is if he doesn’t measure up to her material standard then he doesn’t have much of a chance especially if she has more material than him. That’s why there are so many sisters who are well off financially but either lonely, gay, or with white men. I’m not saying that an accomplished sister should settle for some loser just because he an original man. What I’m saying is that those material things can’t replace God. If a man is righteous, takes care of himself, and doesn’t need a wisdom to take care of him then he should be deemed just as desirable as that “Range Rover” nigga from the accounting firm with a stainless steel fridge full of wine and heineken ;o). It gets back to the devaluation of the black man in the wilderness of North America. Generally speaking, black women don’t hold us in very high esteem. We serve certain purposes for them but aside from that, they can take or leave us. They don’t trust us, and if we aren’t blowin’ their back out in the bedroom, paying their bills, or keepin’ their hair and nails done then we ain’t shit. We have a lot of work to do to restore your faith in us and it will take more than a couple of generations to do so. The best that those of us who are true and living can do is show and prove each and everyday so that woman by woman we can repair the damage that’s been done.


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