Blind Black Mind

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Uncategorized


The devil’s civilization and the destroy culture that pervades it are symptomatic of mental blindness. 120 tells us that the devil keeps black people blind to themselves so that he can master them, and master them he’s done indeed. The concept of blindness to self is multifaceted. When the divine universal black mind expanded to manifest the multitudinous microcosmic manifestations of self within the black man as God these manifestations were still part of the original macrocosm, which is shown and proven when the understanding build degree borns that Allah is God, always has been and always will be. So what we have is the reality of self as an individual seemingly singular being experienced concurrently with the reality that said being is part of the universal divine black self. Recognition of this concept allows us to see our universal selves when we look at our brothers and sisters. However, in order to recognize something, we have to be able to identify it via the sight of mind. Knowledge of self is synonymous with the aforementioned recognition, and without it original people are unable to recognize their universal family or call upon the power to refine their social lives which is shown and proven when the 1-36 borns, “my uncle does not know that he is my uncle.” When you don’t know someone, you have no concern for them or their well being because yours supersedes theirs. The devil has, at this point, successfully made you think that we are all different which of course is not right and exact. Our lives are equally valuable because there are no accidents. The fact that each of us went from knowledge to born and subsequently emerged from the triple darkness of our ole’ Earth’s womb is evidence of a series of successfully calculated math equations. When these equations, which are of both a quantitative and qualitative nature are calculated, they do so in a cipher which shields a baby from the world outside. But once that seed enters the live cipher outside of the womb it grows to be it’s own mathematician and is prepared as such during the years prior to adulthood.

During these formative years, as knowledge is made born and wisdom is lived out a starter kit of understanding is taking shape. I went away to college when I was knowledge build years old. My ole’ Earth dropped me off with some clothes, incidentals, a little money, and the lessons that she had manifested to me up until that point. Once that victory allah now pulled off the God was on his own to fend for self. Fortunately, my best friend and his ole’ Earth were in the same van and the God was left to take the same journey with me. Throughout that first year of college I met a group of brothers with minds like mine and although we engaged in plenty of savage behavior we operated independently and as a unit. If one of us had, we all had, whether it was food, clothing, shelter, liquor, weed, whatever. We may not have had knowledge of self in a formulaic sense, but we knew that our survival was much more likely if we advocated one common cause. In this Yacub’s World Manifest, original people fall victim to things that their minds can’t see. Wisdoms can’t see how dressing like whores diminishes the perception that men hold of them and conjures up the most lustful possible thoughts within them. Men don’t understand that it’s not in a wisdom’s nature to want them to pimp on her, cheat on her, or have her in the born equality divine freakin’ off with him and another wisdom at the same time. These things may seem obvious to those who are conscious but when you can’t see self as part of the whole then these concepts remain in a fine mist. A thug could be in the street hustlin’ and gang-bangin’ all the while staring death right in the face but if he’s mentally far-sighted he won’t know it because his minds eye is incapable of seeing that which is closest to him. A wisdom may live a fast life in which she’s promiscuous and uses sex to get money and feed her babies. Although she may clearly see their immediate needs and address them, a case of mental near-sightedness will make her blind to the potential adverse affects that the seeds will suffer in the future as a result of what they were exposed to during childhood.

Since there’s always a chance of recovery from mental death, these vision impairments of the mind can be corrected. 120 is like a pair of glasses containing the prescribed knowledge of self that black people need to clean themselves up. The devil knows this which is why in many state penitentiaries he doesn’t allow the Gods to have ciphers, receive the Power Paper, or have lessons in their possession. It’s also the reason why he makes sure there’s plenty of lascivious material on the radio and tv so that original women will have a diseased self concept causing them to degrade themselves and act other than their own selves. One of the most alarming aspects of this reality is that many of the 85% enjoy being blind. They have no desire to see or confront the truth. These are the people with whom we can’t lose time searching for that which does not exist. Those that don’t want to know can remain ignorant until they choose otherwise. My focus is on those who are striving to reverse polarity on their condition and obtain clarity relative to their origin in this world and who the true and living God is. They’re the reason that for the culture cipher power time, and counting, I sit here to draft another build. If I stand on the corner teaching then the only people that I’ll reach are those who visit that corner. Through this computer, I can reach those who are striving to get this wherever they are. I want to make it so that those who wish to go can’t say that there was no one willing to show them the way, the same way that I was shown. If you dare to look then you will see.



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