Mathematics Upside Ya Head!

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized


Supreme Mathematics speaks in many ways. Sometimes it can be subtle in the deliverance of a message that comes in a fine mist. Other times it can be loud and thunderous like a storm straight out of this month’s degree. The build or destroy month is certainly showing and proving the swift and changeable nature of its mathematical essence. All kinds of ill shit is happening. My back has decided to arbitrarily act up whenever it sees fit, along with my left shoulder which is supposed to be the good one. One of my good friends lost his ole’ Dad and his brother in a car accident. My other a-alike from the same circle of friends just found out that his ole’ Dad has cancer. My queen’s cee allah rule broke down today self cipher I now have that to contend with tomorrow morning. And, to top all of that off, I found out yesterday that my manager will be taking a different position so I will have a new manager at the justice. If it is who I think it is, I’m not going to like the change as the colored woman in question doesn’t manifest a current of air that mine will increase well with. That build or destroy degree in the 1-40 can apply to a myriad of daily life situations. One of it’s primary themes is change. It will inevitably take place because, generally, nothing stays the same. When I drew the idea up this morning it took me to unknown and why in the Supreme Alphabet, which are wisdom culture and wisdom power respectively. Unknowns are the incremental units of circumstance that life deals us via wisdom culture cipher or 240 (the unknown cipher of life). On face value, it would seem that we are always at a disadvantage in such situations because of the uncertainty that they bring. In actuality, this is offset by the calculative nature of mathematics. When we confront an unknown, we are armed with the body of knowledge that we possess at that moment, and we use said knowledge to formulate a plan of action. If we feel as if we need more information, we simply go back and do the knowledge a bit more thoroughly. Once we draw up a power love allah now that we are comfortable with we put it in motion and dive into the unknown. At this point the why (y) in the equation hovers over the situation waiting to manifest a build or destroy answer to the question of why was our decision right and exact, or why was it not. Once the situation plays itself out the understanding is revealed.

Part of being the all eye seeing involves establishing and monitoring pathology in terms of not only our thoughts and actions, but also those of the people within our circumference. In so doing, we can extract valuable material that can be used to construct formulas with which we solve issues between ourselves and said people. We can also predict certain potential outcomes based on said data if we draw it up properly. Case and point, take the situation at my justice. I knew that at some point I was going to get a new manager. How you ask? Here’s how. The business world is a cipher that is extremely swift and changeable, especially when it comes to personnel. At my company, once a person reaches middle management, they are not likely to remain in the same position for more than between wisdom and power years. This pattern has played itself out multiple times since I’ve been with the firm. In culture years, I’ve had power different managers which definitively shows and proves this. So based on my past experience I was able to formulate a way of looking at this pattern of managerial turnover and predict the approximate rate of change. This is actually a rather elementary idea and in order to apply it one need do no more than pay attention to the writing on the wall and do the knowledge to the people who surround you in a given cipher. In most cases the information that you need will be readily available in what you see and hear.

In applying 120 to life situations, the degrees won’t necessarily always tell you what you should do. In many cases they will simply reveal to you the reason why certain things are the way they are. With the understanding of the why, you use mathematics to come up with the “how” and an approach to the problem is yielded. It’s imperative that our own wisdom be the driving force leading us toward understanding. If not then you are only as wise as your external source of wisdom. What if said source all of a sudden is no longer available to you? Then what happens? If left in the wilderness of North America will you be able to speak your “own” language…recognize your uncle?? Would you sit at home and wait for a mystery person to tell you how to handle “your” business or will you show forth your power? Ask yourself and answer yourself.

SV Allah

  1. WiseEarth says:

    Peace to the all Wise!

    Knowledge born God…this was truly a powerful Build.


  2. Allah Universal says:

    “In applying 120 to life situations, the degrees won’t necessarily always tell you what you should do. In many cases they will simply reveal to you the reason why certain things are the way they are.”


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